The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sarah Cate: On The Overpass

Hey Y'all,
I am working on a lot of things in my mission. I guess I can really understand one of my companions a lot better. She really had a hard time being a missionary. She was in the same place that I am. She had some major freak outs. I feel the same way. Its easy for me to be a missionary so its different in that respect but its a really freaky thing for me to be going back to real life. It makes me freak out a lot actually. I am with an amazing missionary. She truly is amazing. I don't want y'all to think that she is not because she is! She is very normal. Sister Pierson and I are going to be best friends for life. She is really quite fantastic. I am blessed to serve with her. Being a missionary is very easy all the time with her. She is a great teacher and understands and is not afraid to share how repentance has helped her in her life. I love that so much.
A cool thing that happened this week: Sister Pierson and I got stuck in traffic. It wasn't just stuck....we pulled onto an overpass that went up about 50 feet and stopped. Well we were stopped for about an hour. No joke. People were getting out of there cars and stuff. It was like the end of the world kind of a thing. It was really sweet though because I turned to sister P and said OK, we are going to get out and talk to everyone! I could sense her hesitation a bit but I was confident. Well we got out and started asking about what the road closures were about. We talked to about 10 people and were just walking up the ramp. Well finally we talked to a lady that informed us that there was a police officer that was killed and they had closed down the whole freeway for his funeral procession that was 10 MILES LONG!!!  Yeah well we started heading back and informing everyone about the road closures and all of a sudden a man started just chatting with us and one thing lead to another....we were talking about the plan of salvation and the next thing we knew, we had taught him a first lesson and were giving him a book of Mormon!!! it was bangarang. It was so cool. I felt really happy and proud of us because I know there is power in doing what we need to do even when it seems weird or awkward. It was way cool. I was grateful for the courage that Heavenly Father gave us to do it. We were blessed.
Hector....oh man. Please pray for him. We haven't been able to contact him all week. We went by his house and found out that a few days ago he got jumped while going home from work. the kid has been to prison and back so he can hold his own but I think it shook him up a bit. We called him at work and he never called us back. We are just praying to get in contact with him and get him confirmed. he got baptized but is yet to be confirmed.
We had a good week this week. We are just plugging along. Sorry I don't have a ton of time.. Mom i did get the Easter stuff and my b-day stuff. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness. I got  the rum bars and freezing them made them delicious. Thank you. They were a success in this here  part of the country. I miss y'all like crazy. I had a good birthday. thanks y'all for askin. I am happy but just having a hard time sorting everything out in my brain. Pray for me. I love y'all.
I miss y'all. keep doing the small things. Love y'all...oh p.s. I am getting my hair cut and colored today. I am so Texan. :) jajajaja

Hna. Sorensen

Go Big or go Home...I always say.

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