The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sarah Cate: Happy May this week

Hello Y'all! Last week our computers didn't work. We couldn't do really anything about it so I got no mail. It wasn't cool. 
Man so much has happened. So Hector is still not confirmed yet. However......we did manage to have a texting conversation with him. The members of our ward have really worked hard to fellowship him which has kept him afloat. We are hoping to meet with him this week. Thanks y'all for y'alls prayers. They have helped. 
Yes y'all, i have changed my hair. I got a hair cut like posh spice but its an orange red now :) NO worries, President saw it and said he "loves It!". I am really into dying my hair. Who knows what color it will be throughout my life. It's fantastic. It's bright. It's me. 
So lets see....Transfers happened. I am still in Mount Bonnell, singles Ward, but Sista P is gone. She is still in the stake but she is mas norte. She is so awesome it was hard for a lot of people to see her go. I am sad but I am stoked. I have Hermana Heeder now. She is from Bear Lake. She was Hermana Probert (the last girl I trained) her MTC comp. Its just one big happy family now.
I am going to a funeral Today. Johnny Powers, the lady in the photo, passed away this past week. I was very close to their family. they are recent converts and they were supposed to go through the temple for their first time the day before she passed. Its just one more drop in the bucket of craziness.
I am....well I am. I am... I guess I have no words. I don't worrry about coming home. I just don't think its actually going to happen. Its weird. I will continue on like this forever. I'm sure of it. And that's ok. I already have a place to live here :) 
I am....well enough about me. Thanks for y'alls updates. Thanks y'all for everything y'all do. 
Love y'all,

Hna. Sorensen
Johnny and Lee Powers and myself. In their home

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