The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Libbi: Campo GRANDE é GRANDE

Wow,  so a lot´s happened since last week...Last week the same day that I sent my e-mail I was picked up by a van that went to the bus station and I started the 12 hour bus ride to Campo Grande. We arrived in the morning and with little sleep during the night we went to our area. I met my comp. Sister Aires, who I had only met on a p-day the last time I was in Campo Grande. She is really fun. She is from the northwest part of Brazil and she loves to chat. She is a hard worker and is really good with contacts. She has 7 months out here. Weird that I will be celebrating 1 year here in a little bit...whoa how time flies!
 The end of the last transfer was left with a few recent converts but not a lot of new people to teach and so our focus this week was to find new people to teach. We contacted a bunch of people and I think we had some great success. We started teaching a friend of a member named Venicius and we marked a date for baptism this upcoming Sunday. Also the brother of a woman that we made contact with on the street came (Jerson) and has a date for this upcoming Sunday too. He went to church this week but something happened that I have never seen before in a ward...a training all together (adults and young men and women) about excommunication and disciplinary council in the church. Whoa talk about heavy topic for 1 time visitors and recent converts but we just laughed and explained a little bit more about repentance and authority and it was all good.
 This week I was able to play my violin at 2 baptism. One was the day that I arrived here in Camp Grande and the other was sat. night. The story of the couple that was baptized sat. night is way cool. He is a christian minister and she was extremely active member in his congregation but one day they invited the missionaries into their house because it was raining and their daughter was baptized shortly after. She has been an active member for almost a year. In the process of this year they observed the church, the members, and missionaries. They saw the difference of the organization and love the missionaries and members showed them and he left his church and asked to be let go from the his ministry. They were baptized and confirmed this week in the other part of our area that Sister Morais and Sister Chatwin are working. What a story? they are such a wonderful and firm family. I have loved getting to know them this week and we prepared a special medley of singing and playing violin for their baptism. 
 In this ward the Bishop runs a school of languages and I was also able to teach an tell people about my mission in English this good practice because Mother´s day is coming up and I have lost fluency in English. (writing I hope I am still doing OK but to speak....downer)
 Life is so wonderful..and change really is a crucial part of our existence. We need to change and sometimes a change of scene provides the power of will necessary. I am excited for the possibilities and upcoming adventures here in Jardim Imá.
 I love you what you know is right because you know it. Don´t doubt what you know and what is true. Be good and know that I love you more that the wonderful breeze of Campo Grande.
 com amor,
Sister Sorensen

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