The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Libbi:Happy Mother´s day, and Birthday, and Anniversary, and all the things I always forget to say..

Hey family, friends, and loved people....I love you. I hope that you never forget that. I think about literally everyone of you when I write my e-mail each week and take a moment to thanks my Heavenly Father for each and everyone of you! Thanks for your presence in my life and your effect in my life story. I admire and love you all. OH, special shout out to all the people who had birthdays this week...Brad, Daniel, Carli, and Lauren congrats on the wedding this week. I wish you all the happiness in the world and know that you are making a decision for eternity. I´m so proud and happy to be your friend!
This past week I celebrated 1 year on my mission. I had a little time or I took a moment to think about time changes, how people change with time, how people heal with time, how thing become different with time according to our perspective or the choices and changes of others. I have decided that Time is what we make it, that we depend on time but mostly time depends on us. We have the power to change how the time passes but no power to change time. I continue to adjust with the ever passing time and when I´m ready to move on he will help me take that step.
Alright, this week was a swirl of emotions and events and the never ending work continues. I love my mission. I love this work. I can´t get over what a good choice it was for me personally to serve a mission. I know it was the right thing for me. I have absolutely no doubt of this anymore. I love the Lord and his patience with me in understanding my purpose and talents and finding joy in my role in his great plan.
We worked this week to find new people to teach and secure Gerson in his decision to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. We had some serious break-throughs with him this week. He received an answer (more importantly he recognized that he received an answer) to the Book of Mormon and the importance of living the commandments. I feel your prayers in mine and his behalf. Thanks for that. He is one of the baptisms that I feel is truly converted. I´m excited for his growth and development that will happen in the Gospel.
Yesterday, was quite a day. The President of our mission called me early in the morning and what just small talkin´ it up with me. I thought it was weird but my comp. thought it was weirder. She was feeling strange all through church because President said that he would call back later. He called right after the meeting and first wanted to talk to me. He said that I would have to help my comp. with what she is about to find out. That I will have to love her serve her in the next little bit because....her brother killed himself this morning. He then spoke with her and as anyone of us she was in shock. I spent yesterday trying to help her cope with this truly sad and tragic situation. I love my comp. She is an example to me of strength. I watched as she preached about the plan of salvation to her family (her mother who is not a member of the Church.) As she explained through sobs of shock and sadness that the Lord´s plan is just and good and all will be right in the end. She didn´t even worry about herself. She worried about her parents and family at home. But everyone supported her in her decision to stay on the mission and finish. She has only 8 months out. I know my mission is teaching me through people like Michelle Aires who is an example of strength and love and firmness in the plan of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I learned a lot this week....I´m extremely blessed to have all of you and never forget the love I have for each of you. Choose what is right and be good!
com amor,
Sister Sorensen (the one in Brazil)

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