The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sarah Cate: Happy May this week...

AQUI ESTA. mi carta para todos. pues... Once again I have had another growing week. I thought I would reach a point on my mission where I would just get it all. I thought I would just be able to accept council and trust in the Lord and have faith and pretty much do all of the things that I have worked so hard to understand and apply to my life up until this point. well I guess its all just a testimony how much God knows my heart. God knows how much he can push me and man is he pushin. 
We had zone conference this past week. There were some new rules put out and it was pretty surprising. It doesn't matter what they are because they are rules and there is nothing you can do about them. They were presented very poorly. It was all...well just a very good growing experience. I have had to question some things that i haven't questioned in a very long time. It was surprising to me that these questions even popped up but its been a good spiritual strengthener. Its not all solved but i am hopeful it will be. 
I came to a very strong realization this past week: all of the friends that I have made on my mission are not planning on having me be their best friends for the rest of their lives! RUDE! hahaha I am not the center of their world?! How dare they. hahaha I am just going to have to try to keep as many of the friends I can and then make more. :) I am excited world. 
I am blessed to be serving in a singles ward. There are several amazing examples of Returned Missionary women who are faithful and just awesome people. I love them a lot. I am suuper blessed to observe the awkward dating life/ drama of it all before I actually get into that whole mess. Let me tell how much I am looking forward to that......NOT! Baby steps. baby steps baby steps. 
Hey family have I told y'all lately that I love all y'all? WELL I DO! Maybe I am stoked because I will be making the biggest clothing purchase I've ever made in my life. TODAY I AM BUYIN ME SOME GENUINE COWBOY BOOTS FROM TEJAS!!! I am so excited. I am buying them today so that I can use a coupon that I received. I need to use it before it expires.....tomorrow. :) It's exciting. I'm nervous because I've never spent this much money really on anything clothing wise in my life. gross. Oh well. I'm a Texan. I guess I have to get used to droppin the big bucks on fashion. 
Well Cynthia is supposed to get baptized this Saturday. Its not going to happen. We found out that she was not totally up front with us. We are working with her though and so we are shooting for June. :) We'll keep y'all posted. We met with Hector this past week and then the next day he told us that he was moving. We haven't heard from him since. I sure do love y'all very very much. Keep praying for Hector. We are going to find him. I don't think he is in North Carolina yet and if he and dad, I'm going to North Carolina after my mission. He already told me he would pay my plane ticket for me to come see him hahaha. He is a silly boy. I will let you know. 
Life is good. Prayers for Nicole, Cynthia and Ben and Erik, and Hector. Bless us to find more people. We appreciate that hahaha I love y'all so much. 
Keep doing....yeah just keep doing. That's a whole lot better than nothing. 
I love y'all.

Hermana (lets be real) Sister Sarah Cate Sorensen 

Sarah Cate and her companion, Hermana Heeder, following a serious Texas-sized downpour

The Sisters from Austin at Zone Conference

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