The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sarah Cate: Boot Scootin'

OK family and Friends,
How b y'all? I b good. I b....well let me give y'all a run down of the week. This week we set out to really really work hard. I felt like we were working hard but Satan was truly trying to punch us in the face. We definitely took a few hits but like a true Sorensen/Christensen, we got up and took it some more. I got my boots!! i love them with all my whole heart!!!!!  We have been desperately trying to contact Hector. Well we heard from Hector. He is gone. He no longer lives in Austin anymore. He text us and told us that he loved us a lot and that we will keep in touch and he will tell us where he ends up but Hector told us that he hates good byes. That was my first hint that he was going to do this. I prayed that he wouldn't but he did. Please continue to pray for him. He is such a cool person. I hope that we do stay in contact. One of many punches to the face. We went on exchanges this past week. It was awesome. I stayed here and Sister Heeder went north. My new comp for the day was Hermana Alfaro. She is from Australia but she speaks fluent Spanish . Her parents are from El Salvador. We worked on my Spanish. I was very happy. She looks exactly like a polly pocket version of jasmine. IT was a great boost to everything. I had to humble myself a lot this week and ask for a blessing from my district leader. It was pretty cool. I did not really know why I needed a blessing but I got one anyways. He used the spirit to truly tell me the things I needed to know. It was a huge blessing. Thanks DAd for suggesting that. 
Life is crazy as always. WE are just working....and working and working. I love y'all a ton. Hope y'all have a good week. 
Hna. Sorensen
Don't mess with Texas!

Is that Luby's in the background???

Libbi: I love my FAMILY!!!!!!

Wow! Best package ever! Thanks so much Mom and Dad it was exactly what I needed and more! Thanks Thanks Thank you Thank you Thank you! I lllllllllllooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeedddddddddd it! here is a photo of my joy! Also some others....
I love packages!

Not sure what to make of this one...

 This week Gerson was confirmed an official member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and also reiceved the Aronic Priesthood! I´m so happy for him and the great changed that has occured in his life. This is why I´m on a misson....for moments and people like this. He pulled us aside after Sacrememt meeting and almost crying thanked us for all that we have done for him to help him change and be better and follow the plan of God. Thanks to all who have prayed for Gerson. He needs your prayers still as he adjusts to life and responsibility in the Lord´s Chruch. I´m just proud to know him. The sad part however, is that I think he will be moving out of our area...we will see we don´t know yet for sure where he is moving to but I trust in the Lord. Besides the continued progress with Gerson we continue with little success to find new people to teach that truly want to change and be better. We continue to talk with everyone and unfortunately people don´t want commitment or are already committed to something else. We push on. I know, like the Lord blessed us with Gerson we will find more people ready and willing to make promises with our Heavenly Father.
 I love this work. The work part is the good part. It is also the more important part. This part of a mission is easy...having one focus and a united goal. However, the emotional and physical stress is something I have never encountered yet in my life. I am learning a lot. I know I´m becoming better for it. I´m grateful for the trust the Lord has in me and His great pacience with my imperfections. A full time mission is for those that are called but this work is for all and needs to be shared. Don´t be afraid to say what makes you happy in life and what gives you hope and strength in your trials. I know this is the Church of Christ and this is His Gospel...we need to share him enough to share with everyone. We don´t choose who is prepared. The Lord is the chooser of all things. We chose him and his plan. What a blessing it is in my life.
 I love you all. Be good. CTR and be an example to all in every moment even when its hard!
 com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen
Oh my avocado...

1 year in the mission field...nice Chaco tan!

Sarah Cate: Happy May this week...

AQUI ESTA. mi carta para todos. pues... Once again I have had another growing week. I thought I would reach a point on my mission where I would just get it all. I thought I would just be able to accept council and trust in the Lord and have faith and pretty much do all of the things that I have worked so hard to understand and apply to my life up until this point. well I guess its all just a testimony how much God knows my heart. God knows how much he can push me and man is he pushin. 
We had zone conference this past week. There were some new rules put out and it was pretty surprising. It doesn't matter what they are because they are rules and there is nothing you can do about them. They were presented very poorly. It was all...well just a very good growing experience. I have had to question some things that i haven't questioned in a very long time. It was surprising to me that these questions even popped up but its been a good spiritual strengthener. Its not all solved but i am hopeful it will be. 
I came to a very strong realization this past week: all of the friends that I have made on my mission are not planning on having me be their best friends for the rest of their lives! RUDE! hahaha I am not the center of their world?! How dare they. hahaha I am just going to have to try to keep as many of the friends I can and then make more. :) I am excited world. 
I am blessed to be serving in a singles ward. There are several amazing examples of Returned Missionary women who are faithful and just awesome people. I love them a lot. I am suuper blessed to observe the awkward dating life/ drama of it all before I actually get into that whole mess. Let me tell how much I am looking forward to that......NOT! Baby steps. baby steps baby steps. 
Hey family have I told y'all lately that I love all y'all? WELL I DO! Maybe I am stoked because I will be making the biggest clothing purchase I've ever made in my life. TODAY I AM BUYIN ME SOME GENUINE COWBOY BOOTS FROM TEJAS!!! I am so excited. I am buying them today so that I can use a coupon that I received. I need to use it before it expires.....tomorrow. :) It's exciting. I'm nervous because I've never spent this much money really on anything clothing wise in my life. gross. Oh well. I'm a Texan. I guess I have to get used to droppin the big bucks on fashion. 
Well Cynthia is supposed to get baptized this Saturday. Its not going to happen. We found out that she was not totally up front with us. We are working with her though and so we are shooting for June. :) We'll keep y'all posted. We met with Hector this past week and then the next day he told us that he was moving. We haven't heard from him since. I sure do love y'all very very much. Keep praying for Hector. We are going to find him. I don't think he is in North Carolina yet and if he and dad, I'm going to North Carolina after my mission. He already told me he would pay my plane ticket for me to come see him hahaha. He is a silly boy. I will let you know. 
Life is good. Prayers for Nicole, Cynthia and Ben and Erik, and Hector. Bless us to find more people. We appreciate that hahaha I love y'all so much. 
Keep doing....yeah just keep doing. That's a whole lot better than nothing. 
I love y'all.

Hermana (lets be real) Sister Sarah Cate Sorensen 

Sarah Cate and her companion, Hermana Heeder, following a serious Texas-sized downpour

The Sisters from Austin at Zone Conference

Libbi: Yeah....

Hey ya´ll (no its not Sarah its Libbi but I feel this burning desire to dye my hair red and say ya´ll too much...weird haha)
 First things first: Lalou my mom went on and on about your wedding. I´m so happy for you. Congrats! I thought of you a lot on the 18th. I´m sure it was a special day oh I wish that it would have worked out to support you and help you in this happy decision for eternity. But I´m sure you had plenty of help and I don´t regret for one minute what I´m doing here. Thanks for being such a good friend Lar I love you.
 Alright, This week GERSON WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! He will be confirmed next week. But after 1 whole week of not smoking and doing everything to study and prepare he entered the waters of baptism yesterday. It was really special and I was able to give a talk and also play my violin during the baptismal service. way cool! I really saw the change in Gerson and the desire to do what is right...I love that feeling. It is so satisfying. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the week. We keep pushing and working and the work was a bit slower this week because of all that my comp. had to do to help her family with the loss of her brother. She is the strength of her family and I continue to be impressed as she pushes to work hard and stay focused on her mission. We are searching to find new people to teach and there was a man that showed up at church this week that has already been taught and moved to our area and wants to be baptized. We are being blessed! Thanks so much for your prayers and support. I felt them this week! really I did!
 I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people, but it is based on the principle of faith...which is action. If you put forth effort to be changed or really to find the truth and happiness in will find it. It all comes back to our Savior Jesus Christ and the plan that our Heavenly Father created for right?
 well, that´s about it for this week. I love you all. Be good and ctr. Don´t forget I love you and I love you even more when you do what you know is right and always put forth your best effort. Life is better that way.
 Love you...really!
 com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sarah Cate: I love you more than ever today!

Hello beautiful family and friends,
Am I trunky? yes. but only for a day. I just loved hearing y'all and talking to y'all was so cool. It was kind of weird getting off the phone because I had a moment where I actually realized that there might be life after my mission. It was pretty bizarre to think about how much everything has not changed but also changed so much. Its weird. Its good though. I love y'all. 
Hector came to church. It was so beautiful to see him. We actually got in contact with him the day before and we pounced on him! We went down to his work and saw him. He told us that he is moving to North Carolina! Yeah what in the world. Well I think he is running from his problems but no worries. He came to church. It was a huge step. We are really blessed. 
I love you forever. I will keep in touch with what happens. I have zone conference this week and my very last "normal" president's interview. sad day. I'll give y'all a full update next week. 
Love y'all. Stay classy. 
Hna. Sorensen

Libbi:Happy Mother´s day, and Birthday, and Anniversary, and all the things I always forget to say..

Hey family, friends, and loved people....I love you. I hope that you never forget that. I think about literally everyone of you when I write my e-mail each week and take a moment to thanks my Heavenly Father for each and everyone of you! Thanks for your presence in my life and your effect in my life story. I admire and love you all. OH, special shout out to all the people who had birthdays this week...Brad, Daniel, Carli, and Lauren congrats on the wedding this week. I wish you all the happiness in the world and know that you are making a decision for eternity. I´m so proud and happy to be your friend!
This past week I celebrated 1 year on my mission. I had a little time or I took a moment to think about time changes, how people change with time, how people heal with time, how thing become different with time according to our perspective or the choices and changes of others. I have decided that Time is what we make it, that we depend on time but mostly time depends on us. We have the power to change how the time passes but no power to change time. I continue to adjust with the ever passing time and when I´m ready to move on he will help me take that step.
Alright, this week was a swirl of emotions and events and the never ending work continues. I love my mission. I love this work. I can´t get over what a good choice it was for me personally to serve a mission. I know it was the right thing for me. I have absolutely no doubt of this anymore. I love the Lord and his patience with me in understanding my purpose and talents and finding joy in my role in his great plan.
We worked this week to find new people to teach and secure Gerson in his decision to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. We had some serious break-throughs with him this week. He received an answer (more importantly he recognized that he received an answer) to the Book of Mormon and the importance of living the commandments. I feel your prayers in mine and his behalf. Thanks for that. He is one of the baptisms that I feel is truly converted. I´m excited for his growth and development that will happen in the Gospel.
Yesterday, was quite a day. The President of our mission called me early in the morning and what just small talkin´ it up with me. I thought it was weird but my comp. thought it was weirder. She was feeling strange all through church because President said that he would call back later. He called right after the meeting and first wanted to talk to me. He said that I would have to help my comp. with what she is about to find out. That I will have to love her serve her in the next little bit because....her brother killed himself this morning. He then spoke with her and as anyone of us she was in shock. I spent yesterday trying to help her cope with this truly sad and tragic situation. I love my comp. She is an example to me of strength. I watched as she preached about the plan of salvation to her family (her mother who is not a member of the Church.) As she explained through sobs of shock and sadness that the Lord´s plan is just and good and all will be right in the end. She didn´t even worry about herself. She worried about her parents and family at home. But everyone supported her in her decision to stay on the mission and finish. She has only 8 months out. I know my mission is teaching me through people like Michelle Aires who is an example of strength and love and firmness in the plan of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I learned a lot this week....I´m extremely blessed to have all of you and never forget the love I have for each of you. Choose what is right and be good!
com amor,
Sister Sorensen (the one in Brazil)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sarah Cate: Austin Yaustin ...

Hi y'all. Its me. I am here once again. 
Nothing too crazy to write about. The funk is fantastic. I don't really know what to tell y'all. No. not working with anyone new. well....we had a first lesson in half English and half Spanish. She is visiting from Columbia. she has come to church a few times. She is really neat. Very beautiful. No. I don't have chances to speak Spanish. I don't speak Spanish on this mission. Sad day but oh well. I do other things like talk to drunk kids and invite them to come unto Christ. It's all in a days work. We do a lot of finding and hoping for miracles. The exciting thing in the singles ward right now is the wave of "bug boys" or pest control salesmen. Its kind of fun because a lot of them are from Utah so I feel like I am right there with y'all. 
Sister Heeder (morgan) is my new comp. She is cool. She is different from sister P in so many ways but not bad ways. She is quiet. She is a lot newer in the mission. I know y'all will get to meet her one day. She is from Bear Lake...looks like I'm a b spendin some time on the lake! bangarang. 
I am doing fine. I don't really know what to say. Cynthia, our investigator that we've been working with for a while now should be getting baptized at the end of the month. No promises. Still no word from Hector. break my heart....
I just hope y'all are doing well. I'm sorry if y'all don't like my hair so much because I look beautiful. Yeah it's orange. So is everything else here. I don't want to send any more pictures that are going to make y'all freak out so I'll try to send some of other things, but here are some anyway (orange pride!! and myself and sister Heeder in front of some of my roots.)
I sure do love y'all. 
p.s. hi carli...if your out there,  I love you. I miss you.  
Hna. Sorensen
 Sister Heeder and I

Orange Pride!

Libbi: Roller Coaster heart trip.....(wow for sure worst name I´ve come up with so far)

So...this week was a roller coaster heart trip. haha We hit opposition at every turn, or at least it felt like it. I am still getting to know the area hear in Jardim Ima but I love it here. We had our highs and lows but I had an experience this week that was way new and heavied my heart...
 First the highs, I had a special training with our president where he re-capped all the trainings we have had with him in the last 3 years he has been here as president. He finishes his mission june 6th. I will miss him greatly. I have learned a lot with  President Oliveira. We pushed hard but with opposition in sickness and trial we push on..
 We have been teaching a young man named Venicios and wanted him to be baptized this week. We talked to him and his mom during the middle of the week and to our surprise he had already talked to his dad about being baptized. I was way impressed. He said..and his mom too, that it was just his Dad that wouldn´t give him permission to be baptized because it was way soon and he needed to keep learning about the church. I was feeling that all would go right once we talked it over with his Dad. So we planned to teach the whole family Saturday night, meet his Dad, and have the baptismal interview too. We first had the baptismal interview of Jerson who we have been teaching and working with to quit smoking and drinking. He progressed a lot this week but is still working on desire to keep the commandments so his baptism was put of till this upcoming sat. But, after the Jerson´s interview we walked with our district leader and comp to Venicos´ house. We arrived on his street and there were tons of people and police cars. I thought that maybe his neighbors had a fight or something but then I saw a car that had veered off the road on the side. We passed the confusion and began to clap in front of Venicos´ house...The neighbor came over to us and began to explain that there was a drunk driver that lost control of the car and flew off the road. (on the side of the road there is a boardwalk type of thing to ride bikes and run) Venicios and his family started to ride bikes...they crossed the avenue and were just about to start going when this car hit him and his dad and they were thrown into the grass on either side of the car. Venicios went to the hospital unconscious and his father with an extremely lacerated leg and torso.
 I found out at church yesterday that Venicios is in a coma and his father passed away from internal bleeding on the way to the hospital. Needless to say it is a tragedy. I wept as I thought of his mother, who just has Venicios as a child and has now lost her husband. I feel the weight and sting of death for almost complete strangers. I can only imagine the sorrow of our Heavenly Father. The man who decided to drink and drive changed the lives of many and destroyed his own.
  I bore my testimony about the plan our Heavenly Father has for us and I felt a great love from my Heavenly Father.
 I´m so grateful that I know this life isn´t the end. That we can be with our families forever. I love that and I love you all. Keep choosing what´s right and being a good example to everyone around. You are the faithful and the true...I love you!
 com amor,
Sister Sorensen

PS: hey...just to let you know...I found out from the woman in the Internet cafe that Venicios died this morning...I just wanted you guys to know the end of the really breaks my heart.

Sarah Cate: Happy May this week

Hello Y'all! Last week our computers didn't work. We couldn't do really anything about it so I got no mail. It wasn't cool. 
Man so much has happened. So Hector is still not confirmed yet. However......we did manage to have a texting conversation with him. The members of our ward have really worked hard to fellowship him which has kept him afloat. We are hoping to meet with him this week. Thanks y'all for y'alls prayers. They have helped. 
Yes y'all, i have changed my hair. I got a hair cut like posh spice but its an orange red now :) NO worries, President saw it and said he "loves It!". I am really into dying my hair. Who knows what color it will be throughout my life. It's fantastic. It's bright. It's me. 
So lets see....Transfers happened. I am still in Mount Bonnell, singles Ward, but Sista P is gone. She is still in the stake but she is mas norte. She is so awesome it was hard for a lot of people to see her go. I am sad but I am stoked. I have Hermana Heeder now. She is from Bear Lake. She was Hermana Probert (the last girl I trained) her MTC comp. Its just one big happy family now.
I am going to a funeral Today. Johnny Powers, the lady in the photo, passed away this past week. I was very close to their family. they are recent converts and they were supposed to go through the temple for their first time the day before she passed. Its just one more drop in the bucket of craziness.
I am....well I am. I am... I guess I have no words. I don't worrry about coming home. I just don't think its actually going to happen. Its weird. I will continue on like this forever. I'm sure of it. And that's ok. I already have a place to live here :) 
I am....well enough about me. Thanks for y'alls updates. Thanks y'all for everything y'all do. 
Love y'all,

Hna. Sorensen
Johnny and Lee Powers and myself. In their home

Libbi: Campo GRANDE é GRANDE

Wow,  so a lot´s happened since last week...Last week the same day that I sent my e-mail I was picked up by a van that went to the bus station and I started the 12 hour bus ride to Campo Grande. We arrived in the morning and with little sleep during the night we went to our area. I met my comp. Sister Aires, who I had only met on a p-day the last time I was in Campo Grande. She is really fun. She is from the northwest part of Brazil and she loves to chat. She is a hard worker and is really good with contacts. She has 7 months out here. Weird that I will be celebrating 1 year here in a little bit...whoa how time flies!
 The end of the last transfer was left with a few recent converts but not a lot of new people to teach and so our focus this week was to find new people to teach. We contacted a bunch of people and I think we had some great success. We started teaching a friend of a member named Venicius and we marked a date for baptism this upcoming Sunday. Also the brother of a woman that we made contact with on the street came (Jerson) and has a date for this upcoming Sunday too. He went to church this week but something happened that I have never seen before in a ward...a training all together (adults and young men and women) about excommunication and disciplinary council in the church. Whoa talk about heavy topic for 1 time visitors and recent converts but we just laughed and explained a little bit more about repentance and authority and it was all good.
 This week I was able to play my violin at 2 baptism. One was the day that I arrived here in Camp Grande and the other was sat. night. The story of the couple that was baptized sat. night is way cool. He is a christian minister and she was extremely active member in his congregation but one day they invited the missionaries into their house because it was raining and their daughter was baptized shortly after. She has been an active member for almost a year. In the process of this year they observed the church, the members, and missionaries. They saw the difference of the organization and love the missionaries and members showed them and he left his church and asked to be let go from the his ministry. They were baptized and confirmed this week in the other part of our area that Sister Morais and Sister Chatwin are working. What a story? they are such a wonderful and firm family. I have loved getting to know them this week and we prepared a special medley of singing and playing violin for their baptism. 
 In this ward the Bishop runs a school of languages and I was also able to teach an tell people about my mission in English this good practice because Mother´s day is coming up and I have lost fluency in English. (writing I hope I am still doing OK but to speak....downer)
 Life is so wonderful..and change really is a crucial part of our existence. We need to change and sometimes a change of scene provides the power of will necessary. I am excited for the possibilities and upcoming adventures here in Jardim Imá.
 I love you what you know is right because you know it. Don´t doubt what you know and what is true. Be good and know that I love you more that the wonderful breeze of Campo Grande.
 com amor,
Sister Sorensen

Libbi: My bags are packed and I´m headed back to the south!

Wow...well, this week guess who came down with dengue fever? My companion! Yeah I think we have infected mosquitoes close to our house because all this week she was sick and starting yesterday Sister Nascimento and Sister Morias (the other sisters I live with)also started to have the same symptoms. Good is pretty much an epidemic here in our area. What´s worse is that the doctor that treats people here in the public clinics also got Dengue....there were more than 70 people waited to be treated in the emergency room by a nurse and not even 1 doctor was available. Anyway, lucky us in Cuiabá we have all 4 kinds of Dengue fever, one of the only states in Brazil to have all the different lucky are we?! haha no, that was our week....but know that I´m healthy and happy and working and also we had transfers. 
 After 6 months of calling industriario my home I will head back to the area just on the other side of the mission to the south in Campo Grande where I started my mission. I´m excited because they share the same ward building so I will get to see some of my friends in Julio de Castilho. I´m not going to lie, I am REALLY excited for the change. After 4 transfer here in this small area it will be fun to learn and grow in a huge area where I know I will walk a ton!  I will be companions with Sister Aires who has 7 or 8 months out here and she is from the state of Fortaleza, Brazil and I will be living with Sister Morais (my old comp.) and Sister Chatwin who was in the MTC with me. I´m super excited. New places, new people, and tons and tons to learn.
 This week I studied a lot in the scriptures about light....about how `you are the light of the world`, about how also our Savior Jesus Christ is constantly referred to as á light´and also the story of the brother of Jared and the significance of light in their travels across the great waters. I know that we can be light in the darkness. A beaming example to the world and shine brightly in the sadness and injustice with the glorified and perfect Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is our Savior! This is His work! I´m so happy we have light in our lives. Each one of you is a light to me! Keep shining! I love you! CTR and have a great week being an example of goodness and truth to all!
 com amor,
Sister l. Sorensen 

Sarah Cate: On The Overpass

Hey Y'all,
I am working on a lot of things in my mission. I guess I can really understand one of my companions a lot better. She really had a hard time being a missionary. She was in the same place that I am. She had some major freak outs. I feel the same way. Its easy for me to be a missionary so its different in that respect but its a really freaky thing for me to be going back to real life. It makes me freak out a lot actually. I am with an amazing missionary. She truly is amazing. I don't want y'all to think that she is not because she is! She is very normal. Sister Pierson and I are going to be best friends for life. She is really quite fantastic. I am blessed to serve with her. Being a missionary is very easy all the time with her. She is a great teacher and understands and is not afraid to share how repentance has helped her in her life. I love that so much.
A cool thing that happened this week: Sister Pierson and I got stuck in traffic. It wasn't just stuck....we pulled onto an overpass that went up about 50 feet and stopped. Well we were stopped for about an hour. No joke. People were getting out of there cars and stuff. It was like the end of the world kind of a thing. It was really sweet though because I turned to sister P and said OK, we are going to get out and talk to everyone! I could sense her hesitation a bit but I was confident. Well we got out and started asking about what the road closures were about. We talked to about 10 people and were just walking up the ramp. Well finally we talked to a lady that informed us that there was a police officer that was killed and they had closed down the whole freeway for his funeral procession that was 10 MILES LONG!!!  Yeah well we started heading back and informing everyone about the road closures and all of a sudden a man started just chatting with us and one thing lead to another....we were talking about the plan of salvation and the next thing we knew, we had taught him a first lesson and were giving him a book of Mormon!!! it was bangarang. It was so cool. I felt really happy and proud of us because I know there is power in doing what we need to do even when it seems weird or awkward. It was way cool. I was grateful for the courage that Heavenly Father gave us to do it. We were blessed.
Hector....oh man. Please pray for him. We haven't been able to contact him all week. We went by his house and found out that a few days ago he got jumped while going home from work. the kid has been to prison and back so he can hold his own but I think it shook him up a bit. We called him at work and he never called us back. We are just praying to get in contact with him and get him confirmed. he got baptized but is yet to be confirmed.
We had a good week this week. We are just plugging along. Sorry I don't have a ton of time.. Mom i did get the Easter stuff and my b-day stuff. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness. I got  the rum bars and freezing them made them delicious. Thank you. They were a success in this here  part of the country. I miss y'all like crazy. I had a good birthday. thanks y'all for askin. I am happy but just having a hard time sorting everything out in my brain. Pray for me. I love y'all.
I miss y'all. keep doing the small things. Love y'all...oh p.s. I am getting my hair cut and colored today. I am so Texan. :) jajajaja

Hna. Sorensen

Go Big or go Home...I always say.

Libbi: A dengue got your baby.....hahaha

Yeah that title pretty much sums up this week. I started feeling sick last Sunday night...with fever and the works and yeah on Sarah´s birthday I was officially diagnosed with dengue! I lost almost 10 pounds and spent the week in and out of the hospital and was really....productive. I broke out with a horrible rash (part of the sickness) that looks like red dots all over your body and the highlight of this week was the little bit of missionary work I was able to do on the phone. We continue to look for new people to teach. I kept us from doing a whole lot this week but I was strong enough to go to church yesterday and besides being exhausted with the littlest of things I am a whole lot better.

I´m hopeful that this week will be I know it will be. I love you all and feeling the lack of work this week made my testimony that much stronger of my call to serve and my sacred purpose here. I´m not complete without the Gospel and it is meant to be shared. I love it. I know its true and I´m so happy to be apart of the Lord´s army!

be good. CTR and have a killer week!

com amor,
Sister L. Sorensen