The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sarah Cate: Austin Yaustin ...

Hi y'all. Its me. I am here once again. 
Nothing too crazy to write about. The funk is fantastic. I don't really know what to tell y'all. No. not working with anyone new. well....we had a first lesson in half English and half Spanish. She is visiting from Columbia. she has come to church a few times. She is really neat. Very beautiful. No. I don't have chances to speak Spanish. I don't speak Spanish on this mission. Sad day but oh well. I do other things like talk to drunk kids and invite them to come unto Christ. It's all in a days work. We do a lot of finding and hoping for miracles. The exciting thing in the singles ward right now is the wave of "bug boys" or pest control salesmen. Its kind of fun because a lot of them are from Utah so I feel like I am right there with y'all. 
Sister Heeder (morgan) is my new comp. She is cool. She is different from sister P in so many ways but not bad ways. She is quiet. She is a lot newer in the mission. I know y'all will get to meet her one day. She is from Bear Lake...looks like I'm a b spendin some time on the lake! bangarang. 
I am doing fine. I don't really know what to say. Cynthia, our investigator that we've been working with for a while now should be getting baptized at the end of the month. No promises. Still no word from Hector. break my heart....
I just hope y'all are doing well. I'm sorry if y'all don't like my hair so much because I look beautiful. Yeah it's orange. So is everything else here. I don't want to send any more pictures that are going to make y'all freak out so I'll try to send some of other things, but here are some anyway (orange pride!! and myself and sister Heeder in front of some of my roots.)
I sure do love y'all. 
p.s. hi carli...if your out there,  I love you. I miss you.  
Hna. Sorensen
 Sister Heeder and I

Orange Pride!

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