The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sarah Cate: Bueno Bueno Texas Bueno

Hermanas Sorensen & Jesperson - Oct. 2011 - San Antonio, TX

Hello All,
I just read Libbi's e-mail and am once again rebuked by the spirit. I want to say sorry for being bad at communicating. Libbi has always been gifted with words. She can express so much with fewer words. I'm sorry. I will be better. Man, I want to wear Chacos (sandals). I am soooo jealous of that. I partly wished the picture she sent had been cut off right at the bottom so that I could remain in ignorance of how beautiful those shoes are and how much I miss them.
Well this week went by very fast. We are trying to contact all less-active members of our ward...all 45 of them. It's exciting because we've already contacted some that people haven't been able to get ahold of. Training a missionary is fun but really hard. I find myself becoming impatient but it's really good because I am able to notice and to grow in patience. I am learning a lot more than she is I fear. Lots of people asked me about my family this week. Waaay random. So how are ya family? I hope that wasn't negative energy that was being sent down to Texas and somehow everyone picked up on it but me.
WE are trying to find new people to teach. WE are knocking a lot. I don't really like knocking at all. It is such a gamble here. There has been  A LOT  of negative press about Mormons lately down here. --THANK YOU GOVERNOR PERRY! I guess at a rally down here, his pastor told a bunch of people that Gov. Perry was a 'TRUE' christian and that Mormonism was a cult. Unfortunately, many people believe him and believe a lot of the ridiculousness that is put out by so many people today. We are getting really really good at explaining a lot about --speaking of which, have y'all filled out a profile yet? DO IT NOW! I know I saw good old Larry Gelwix on there...hahahahahahahahaah! Everyone loves him down here. I also have a few friends who are on missions in Cali and talk about their awesome mission president and how they made a movie after him. It's really awesome and a great way to get trunky around here. :) I love it though. I love so much about my mission.
I have realized that I probably will never have an "oh this is why I'm in Texas" moment. But, that does not mean I don't have a testimony that I need to be here. I believe I've had so many moments that remind me that I am here for a reason. I have come up with a real break through about the whole "Why Texas?" question: WHY NOT TEXAS?!! Every single one of God's children need the Gospel. Why not the ones in Texas?!!  Why not learn and grow where you are planted. Why not help and love the people of Texas like you would have with the people of Africa or Brazil? Why not?! I find comfort in that. Life does not always go the way you expect or want it to but why not love where you are? Why not love everything about bitter and sweet as it may be. Why not? If God is unchanging and we are supposed to become Gods one day, why not be unchanging about our love for his children. It is not circumstantial. It is a choice. (I know mom is screaming to herself I TOLD YOU SOOOO but I've always needed to come to things in my own way and time) --thanks for being patient with me.
This does not exempt me from feeling jealous about Chacos and Brazil. In fact, I feel that is quite natural. But it does not take away from my love for my Texans. Maybe one day I'll get to talk to some people in Texas wearing Chacos. Who knows. I guess my ramblings means be happy. Choose your happiness. Choose to find the flowers amongst the thorns. -- or here in Texas, see the bluebells along the highway. :)
I love y'all so much. I promise I'm trying to grow up. I miss y'all like crazy. Don't you dare forget how much I love y'all.

hna. Sorensen

Libbi: MY MOM IS THE BEST EVER!!!!SHE LOVES ME SO MUCH!!!.....but the secret is that I love her more :)

Well, wow...what a week. I GOT YOUR PACKAGE MOMMY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! SERIOUSLY, ALL THE THINGS I WOULD EVER WANT OR DESIRE! YOU KNOW ME VERY WELL!!! I am learning and growing here in Campo Grande. I was happy to hear about the homecoming of Elder Jackson and I think he will never be `David` in my mind. But glad that you heard just a little bit about how freaking AWESOME my mission is! I love it here! I love the people, culture, missionaries, stories, experiences, and most importantly what I am doing, the work of the Lord! Life is good...but always changing. I am in a new area and with Sister Fernades. I love her! We are having a great times and though she only has 3 months on the mission, she teaches with power and we have 2 dates for baptism this upcoming week. We were in the same group in the CTM and we have lived together these past two transfer so, it is pretty clear that we are already besties! I have so much I can learn from her! OH, I have been a major slacker with birthdays and Menner I hope your birthday was awesome on the 20th. and Uncle Scott on the 28th. Lisa hope your b-day was killer on the 2nd of the month and Papa on the 7th! OH and uncle Evan on the 6th!

So, this week we have been working with our recent converts a lot. We had 2 young ladies receive the Holy Ghost this Sunday and Alichandre will receive it next Sunday...We have Sandra that was supposed to be married today and it is the 3rd time we have tried to get them married...but I think we have already planned to try again on Thurs. so I hope it will work out. We also met up with Selma who recently moved to our area but was taught by the other sisters. She accepted a date for baptism this upcoming Sunday. We are really excited and blessed in this area. I am trying to work on my contacts on the street because we want to meet new people and have more success. Thanks Susu and Gus and Aunt Marilee for your letters. I love them! I got your picture Susu and Gus and thanks so much! I love pictures!

I don´t know what else to write at this moment...weird I am without words or news. But I love you all and hope you like the pictures. We had a talent show in the ward and one of the young men dressed up as a popular Brazilian boy band member and did a lip sink...oh it was hilarious! I am for sure a #1 fan. OH and we found this butterfly in our house (the other picture) sister Nascimento was terrified...hahaha oh good times. I will try to send more. I am just now getting the hang of the computers here but all is well. I love you all more than I love the almost flash floods we have been having this is spring and with it come the showers but it is not the same as Utah...oh and we had a bit of hail but not a joke we had to seek shelter with a complete stranger because they were the size of bouncy balls. OH and a man yelled ``master Joseph` probably 30 times as I passed the bar this week...i love the little phrases they know in English...oh Brasil. I just love it! I will celebrate 5 months on the mission this week...I would love to hear how everyone else is doing!

Love love love,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Cate: Yeeeeehhhaawww!!

I am good:
I am scared:
I am tried:
I am weathered:
I am happy:
I am a missionary
and I LOVE IT!!!
Need I say more really? No. But i know if i left my letter at that, we all would be in a very sad boat together.
Hello Family! HOw are you?
I hope y'all know that I celebrate my family and their successes every day even if i don't tell y'all publicly. So I feel quite sad. I was re-reading some of my last e-mails I had sent out and i sound completely illiterate! WHAT HAS HAPPENED.  The "y'all" has come in and embedded itself within my heart and now I sound less educated. Oh sad day.
I really don't care though because I am going to use it anyways!
so this I now have a new companion as y'all know. Her name is Sister Sheri Jesperson. She is originally from California but has been living in Hawaii for the last 3 years going to school there. (better start saving up because I think I want to live in an Island paradise when I get back) She is amazing. Truly. She is sensitive, smart, very loving and very laid back. She is very patient with me because I don't know what I am doing. :) She has an older sister and two younger brothers. She is just cool.
How is it training? Terrifying every single day. --I would tell you to send sweets but Sister Jesperson does not like desserts. And I just happen to LOVE desserts with all my heart. p.s. I DID receive y'all's package. I LOVED THOSE COOKIES MOM!! THEY WERE SOOOOO GOOD.
Well it was really hard to see Sister Larsen go She is an amazing missionary. I don't like being the one in charge. I am learning a lot from it though. I can't complain. I think it will only get better as time goes on. We are looking really hard for some people who would like to progress. We'll keep you posted on how it goes. 
Conference is so beautiful. Birthdays on the mission and Conference are my two favorite things. They are both really wonderful. (there are lots of other good things but these two things really stick out to me) 
I would love a copy of the talk by Elder Tad Callister.  It was just so perfect. I hope I can give it to a billion people in Texas because that is pretty much EVERYTHING that everyone worries about.
I love y'all so much. I would always love more pictures of y'all. Thanks family, for teaching me all about work! I just love it.

Libbi: A Week of Dead Cats

Well, this week was good bad and ugly...but mostly good. I will start with the title of this e-mail and also the reason why this week was ugly... I saw 5 dead cats this week just chillin on the street..but what was worse is that all were in various states of decay and was in the middle of the street...therefore flat and already well on its way to dust, one was laying in the grass next to the sidewalk and we observed the entire week (because it was close to where we live) the process of its decay, one was stiff as a board and standing as if alive and joke it was like Mrs. Norris in Harry Potter when she is petrified. The others were close to the street....death by car. Anyway, food for thought!
This week was a bit was our last week of the transfer and Sister Nascimento and I have been together for 2 transfers in this area that isn´t very large...we were excited about Oscar but he was very difficult to meet up with this week...Maria (grandma of Rebeca our recent convert of 9 years old) accepted a date for baptism this upcoming Sunday! I am hoping and praying that she will stick with her decision. Sister Nascimento was sick this week and as a result we had 2 trips to the hospital and more time in the house than I would have liked. But we managed to meet up with Amanda and Mateus and they came to one of the Saturday sessions of Conference. They were very receptive and we will see what will become of them. Conference was AWESOME! I will admit it is a bit hard not to hear the talks in my native language but I still got plenty out of the sessions and the ability to learn through the Spirit is real!
So..transfers....I am with sister Fernandes in Julio de Castilho B (I was in Julio de Castilho A for 2 transfers with Sister Nascimento). Sister Nascimento will open a new area close to  Ponta PorĂ£o called Durados (4 hours away by bus) and will be with Sister Heydorn my comp. from the CTM. It is new for sisters and will be a challenge but I´m really excited for them both and Sister Nascimento really wanted to open a new area so I´m super excited for her. Also, I am really excited to be with Sister Fernades who I was already living with (she was the comp. of Sister Randal and Sister Cardoso for a short time). Sister Cardoso returned to her house today to prepare to leave on her mission in Nov. She was just a temp. missionary here. I think she will be serving in Minas Gerais but don´t know for sure. I´m happy for the time we had with her. Sister Ferndades is really funny and awesome we have a lot of fun together and she has a powerful testimony and ability to teach! We will have a great time this transfer for sure! I am really excited and will walk much much more than I already do because our area is not where we is a long ways away, but we already have a baptism lined up this week of a Mom `Sandra` who has 7 children and all that are of age have been baptized! I will be helping the other Sister that will arrive and live with us this week working in Julio de Castilho A. This is a great responsibility to be the ambassador for our recent converts and investigators in my old area but I´m excited to learn and grow through this change. Sister Smith will be serving with us in my old area (she was serving in Cuiaba) and Sister Lima dos Santos (who was serving in another area in Campo Grande and was the comp of Sister Fernades in the CTM) is good and I´m excited!
I am learning so much progress continues with the language, it is for sure a full immersion program here :) but I´m loving the challenge...I am working to be a better tool in the hands of the Lord everyday here and I´m trying to be worthy of the wonderful calling and opportunity in my is wonderful! There is nothing like it...when you are teaching and you are so full of the spirit that you just might explode with joy and love for these complete strangers...nothing like it "gente." I can´t express in words how much I love this experience and opportunity...I´m so blessed....sometimes I question why me,  but God is so very good, he is our loving Father...I feel him with me every moment...he cares about the stupid little things that I stress about each day. Wow, he is amazing...I love him and I love you all! Thanks for being the rock in my life..stable and true to what you believe..always there to push me forward and cheer me on! I love you more than I loved hearing Leona Lewis in McDonald's! Oh the tender mercies! I love love love you all and cheer for your success and joy! Your joy is mine and your heart is mine!
Com grande amor,
Sister Sorensen

Sarah Cate: An Emotional Week

Well....what to say.....
This week has been one of the most emotional on my mission. It started out with the Gladys Knight concert -- We helped direct people and we helped non-members feel comfortable and want to fill out part of the program so that we could give them a free gift. We collected these sheets. We organized them. My companion and I also got to help with the "VIP" section. We essentially were doing PR work the whole time. It was a huge blessing. I know what y'all are thinking and No, none got to meet Gladys because she wanted it to be all about God and the focus to be on him. However, because we worked in the VIP section, she walked passed us several times. One time I blew a kiss to her and she blew one back! (yes Ii know, so special) and when she was leaving for the last time, I told her that i loved her and she looked at me and said "I love you too. Keep up all the good work that you do!" --yes y'all. I just got the stamp of approval from none other than Gladys Knight!!! yahoooo!! It was a tremendously beautiful fireside where much of the Gospel was shared. The most beautiful moment happened when Gladys shared her testimony. She was very blunt and honest about how she came to the church and her previous feelings toward the Church. It was so great. I love her with all my heart. I will buy her CD's till the day I die. in fact, EVERYONE SHOULD GO OUT AND BUY SOME OF GLADYS' CHURCH ARRANGEMENTS OF THE HYMNS. She said that when she became a member Pres. Hinkley turned to her and said " I hear you don't like our music Gladys" and she said "I AIN'T SAYIN THAT" and he said "Well then do something about it." She is awesome. It was a huge privilege and an honor to be a part of it. I also got to see my trainer for the last time which was so bitter sweet....more sweet though. I love her and will miss her a lot. She goes home in the beginning of Nov.
When we came home, we found out from President Jones that we would both be transferred out of the Bulverde area. This means that we will no longer be working with the Lee family or any of the other Less-Actives that we had been working with. The baptism for Rex and Katherine was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. they are a miracle and so many people came that it was standing room only. The Bulverde ward is one amazing ward and they are so good about missionary work. I am so blessed to have served there. Also, I got to play my violin so it was another great blessing as well.
Unfortunately, Friday also happened to be the day that we all found out about brother and sister Jones (missionary couple). Oh my heart broke into a million pieces. They were the couple that Ii became friends with on my very first day of my mission. I didn't have any friends on my first day because I didn't have anyone from my MTC district. They were both so happy and excited about missionary work and they performed miracles while they were here. I know that God needed her elsewhere. wHy? We my never know, but it was very sad.
The last burst of emotion came yesterday when we got a call from President Jones saying that sister Larsen is going down to the border for her next area. He also asked me to train a new missionary. I immediately started to cry because I am not ready. I feel so scared and unprepared. Transfers are Thursday. Ohhhhh man I am sooooo scared. I feel like a brad new missionary myself so I have no idea what I am going to do.  
I love y'all so very much. I am blessed to have y'all. Don't ever forget how much I love y'all.
hna Sorensen

Libbi: Noticias do Campo

Mommy, and everyone else! I love you! Brasil is Brasil and we keep pushing forward. I left my list at home but I hope that everyone that is celebrating anything has a great time doing it and know that I am there in spirit partying it up! haha. I am learning and growing and becoming here in Brasil. English is strange and I can´t really speak it fluently anymore. I speak Portuguese 24/7 and can´t be understood any other is so good for me...but a struggle at times.
This week we taught a bunch of people.  We met many people and had more people contact us on the street than usual. I know this is an answer to fasting and prayer because we have had difficulties finding people to teach and this week we had some success. It was great. We met Maria and family - all her children living at home have special needs she is a mother of 12 but only 3 live with her and one of her daughters has a 13 daughter named Percila that also has special need. She is extremely sweet and very funny...she has difficulties walking but loves music and to talk. We probably won´t be focusing much on them this week because they weren´t able to come to church. We had two men in the same day contact us on the street (I think it was my lucky skirt haha no..) and one of them came to church and accepted a date for baptisms his name is Oscar and we are very hopeful that we will finish out this transfer with another baptism!!!! Our recent converts (Oswaldo, Eduardo, and Rebeca) were all at church on Sunday and we are going to re-commit Maria (grandma of Rebeca) to be baptized! The work continues on. I love this work.
I had the privilege to attend the General Relief Society conference...well part of it... because our investigator arrived a bit late. But I loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf. I think we can all learn from his 4 points 1) patience with yourself 2) priorities and the difference between a good sacrifice and sacrificing all 3) be happy now! 4) remember the `why´s` about the gospel. We do all things for a reason and are blessed with more understanding when we have faith. I am out of time gente (thats "people" for you non-Portugese speakers) but I love you more than the moon and the sunset and the beautiful birds and flowers here. You are in my heart always and remember who you are and what you are and act accordingly!
Send a Hi back to Chris Toronto and Clayton and PHIL IS GOING TO SERVE A MISSION IN BRASIL? PLEASE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS?!?!  I love you stay true
com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

Sarah Cate: Cactus, Rain and Miracles

Oh my dearest family in the whole wide world!
First off, I need to give a shout out to my amazing mother. Do y'all know that she sends me letters continually?! And these are no two cent letters people. Y'all know that she works every day so that I can be out on my mission?! I realized that my mom spent several years of her life PREGNANT!....SHE HAS BEEN A MOTHER MORE YEARS THAN SHE HAS BEEN A SINGLE PERSON! That is love and devotion y'all! I am so blessed.
I think I am so full of joy. I feel very much like a tree here. Yesterday and the day before IT RAINED and everything looks happier. Truly our trees look like they have renewed life and a greater resolve to continue on! haha that is a lot how I feel. A break in the long drout was wonderful. This last week has been one of the craziest and busiest weeks of my mission.
We had zone conference that truly was such a blessing. Much of the subject matter was exactly what I needed and helped me a lot. I also got the blessing of playing my violin at it. I had my district leader play with me on the piano and it was very beautiful. We played Joseph Smith's First Prayer. We made up our own version and it was a BIG HIT! We nailed inviting the spirit so 10 GOLD STARS FOR US!
Just a few days ago we were called by the assistants asking if we were available to travel to Austin on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week and return on Thursday! (Septembert 19,20, 21) Yahoo! Now if that is not just the bees knees just wait till y'all here what its for................we have been asked to help out with.......A GLADYS KNIGHT CONCERT!!! woot woot! Yes, we have no idea what we are going to do but I will let y'all know about it next week. We are one of 12 companionship's chosen to help out. WHAT A neat opportunity! 
Well on to more important matters: KATHERINE AND REX ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK ON FRIDAY!! We are just sooo excited and happy for them. They informed me that next December that all of them are coming to stay at our house so that they can go through the temple and get sealed as a family! (wups! is that ok mom and dad? :):):):):) ) I already said that it was ok.........They will forever be examples to me of how this Gospel truly changes lives. It has an amazing healing power that is something out of this world.
We also received another blessing yesterday. A member in our Bulverde Branch brought their friends over to their house and we taught them and they want to know more!!! They are a beautiful family and are truly sincere in their desire to find out more. They saw their friends and told us "we want what they have" I'm not sure that I always realize "what we have" I think that is such a blessing. What a neat thought that we can all think about this week. "What we have" is something special and recognizable to others.
Always stand and be examples of Christ. We are are all enlisted... ALL OF US! Share the gospel with your neighbors, friends, and family. BE THE GOSPEL!
I love y'all with all my big Texas heart. Don't y'all forget it now ya hear!
I'm fixin to write more letters. It will come. Sorry. Thanks for y'all's patience with me.
te amo muchisimo!
Hna. Sorensen

Libbi: rain rain went away and now I die from heat...not really :)

 Nosso! this week was a bit warm...I think nothing in comparison to what Sarah is experiencing but tudo bem life goes on. This week we worked and worked and worked....and yeah worked. We taught and searched and found some people to teach that were new but none of which want to be baptized or change their lives...Brasil does not have a problem with faith or religion but with authority and the idea of 1 true church is very difficult for many. There is a church on every corner sometimes more. Everyone here has their own religion it is not do you go to church but what church do you go to and what days of the week? I love the faith of this people but we meet so many that feel that The church of Jesus Christ is different but don´t want to change because change is hard and different and they are unsure! ahah! But we push on. wow, downer to start out with sorry.
We had stake conference this week which was really great. There were lots of talks about how we are followers of Christ and how we can better follow him. I am understanding more and more but it is still a struggle sometimes especially to speak. We taught Eladia this week, she is 7th Day Adventist and she was very receptive to our message but after we marked a date of baptism and committed her to pray she had a `dream` while she was going to her church on Saturday that she needs to stay in the religion that she is in and not doubt what she knows!!!ahh! how do I tell you didn´t have an extremely spiritual experience with an incredible dream with the voice of Mary....oh its complicated sometimes. But we push on...needless to say she doesn´t want to be baptized anymore. We also taught Bela this week and she is an older woman that lives alone and she doesn´t want to leave the earth. She wants to live on the earth forever and has proven in her mind that this is what the Bible says...anyway, she has a hard time remembering us. We visited her 3 times this week and we explained the same thing everyday...tudo bem. we do a whole lot of listening....I also met a young man on the street that was very receptive when he was talking to me but did when we tried to talk about anything to do with religion...not. Interesting...very interesting.
Anyway, life goes on. We only have 2 more weeks in the transfer and I am nervous because I think we will have a whole lot of changes this upcoming transfer with the sisters. Remember to fact that is an open invitation to all....I would love to hear from you! I am just here in Campo Grande preaching the good word. I love you and pray for you! Keep on keepin on. I love you more than I miss a normal sidewalk that don´t have surprise ditches and holes just perfect for my shoes to catch and break my ankles haha no only had a few close calls! The church is true and Jesus Cristo is our Savior and Redeemer!
Com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen
p.s. I live in a triplex it has 3 parts. We have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, it is small and perfect for what we need. The streets are paved (but horribly uneven) I eat lunch with a member of the ward everyday...lunch is the main meal here and we always eat with a member or are given money to buy food to make in our house.

Sarah Cate: Territory Well Marked...

Oh my dearest family in the world....wait wait dearest family FOR ETERNITY!!!
How blessed I am to be a part of y'all for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever! Y'ALL ROCK!  Just as a side note from me to y'all....all the Elders in my zone hate me because I get the most mail out of anyone. MUUHAHA!!! THanks family for loving me!
Well lets see...This week....just a few things happened. Rex, right after we had sent our e-mails last week, told us that he did not want to be baptized on the 24th. Courtney really didn't want him to be baptized then so I think that had quite a strong influence over him. However, thanks to much fasting and prayer, he and Courtney have decided that the 23rd of this month will be the date for Rex to be baptized. I am sooo happy about that. It's a huge tender mercy. We are just plugging away to help that family.
Y'all know how I am blessed to live with 4 beautiful Bostons. Well one passed away this week. It was time, I believe but it was extremely hard on our dear pretend Mama Billy. She loves her dogs like you would not believe. If any of y'all have a second to send her a little note about how much I love her and how amazing she is as a person...that would be much appreciated. I know it would make her day. (Y'all can write it to Billy at my same address). She is such a kind lady and has gone through a very rough year. It may sound silly to y'all but it was very hard for her. Please keep her in y'all's prayers.
A not so funny, but potentially funny thing for some, thing happened this week. The only male dog we have living in his house decided to mark his territory on my ...wait for it......MY VIOLIN CASE! Yes. I am mad. Yes.I am hurt. Yes I feel violated. The one thing that is mine now smells strongly of dog wet. I would love for suggestions on how to remedy the situation. I've tried to wipe it down with baking soda and water...I've tried eating my sorrows with chocolate...nothing seems to heal the pain. :) 
Well, thanks for loving me. Drama works and all. I'll just keep workin for the Lord. I love y'all so much. Don't forget it! 
Hna. Sorensen 

Libbi: A Week of Rain and Change...

Well, Here I am....this week was a bit on the slow side. I´m so happy to hear about your climb Ben (I know it is old news but sometimes the snail that brings me my news gets tired) Anyway, CONGRATS and Rae you are in my prayers that your arm/shoulder will continue to heal and stay in the right place. Peter and Sarah I would love to hear something from you guys...someday...not to make you feel guilty or anything but you are the only siblings that I haven´t heard one thing from and This week I celebrated 4 MONTHS ON THE MISSION!!!! mais tudo bem! Meg, I´m so happy for you and your new experiences in school...enjoy every minute. I love you and think about you often. Mommy and Daddy....I can´t put in words what a blessing it was to receive your letters this week and hear about life with you...I love every little detail - especially about my setting apart. Thank you.
This week we had a variety of weather..started out extremely hot...then cold and humid and rainy...then returned to pretty warm. It is really dry here in Campo Grande so the rain was very welcome but working in the rain is a bit difficult. We only have one umbrella between the two of us and my umbrella is officially on the `used side` anyway, good times on the mission! We had some changes this week we had district meeting normal this week but President Olivera was there and discussed what we have learned and applied since our conference a few weeks back. I am trying my best to better myself and my ability to teach these people and with help from the Lord I am slowly learning this language. We also had an emergency transfer and Sister Randal is now serving in another area on the other side of the city. Sister Fernades is training (with 3 months on the mission..she is my hero) and we have a temporary sister serving in our mission with Sister Fernades- her name is Sister Cardoso. She used to live in this area and will be receiving her call to serve officially any day now..but I guess this is really common when they don´t have enough missionaries and Sister Fernandes did the same thing...a mini mission for 2 months before she came on this mission also. I think this would have been great mission prep for me but oh well. We are working away in this area...well, we are working and at times I´m not sure if we are actually headed in a direction but tudo bem. Eduardo and Rebeca received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and it was great. The other sisters also had 2 more baptisms in the family that they have been teaching. We are having success but with the success comes opposition. This week we taught Maria more and more about desire and the need for her to be baptized (this is the grandma of Rebeca) and she doesn´t want to change her life and be baptized again. This was the sadness of the week and we were particularly sad because we want Rebeca to stay strong in her faith and decision but she is only 9.  We trek on..we have some new possibilities and we will work even harder this week to try and have continued success. I was forced-hugged this week by a man in the supermarket and continue to make my companion laugh everyday as I try to speak this language but all is well. I am happy and healthy and ready to learn more always. This life is such a gift and we are so very blessed. I know I´m preaching to the choir but stay strong in what you believe and don´t forget the little things. The Gospel is true and has the power to change you. The Book of Mormon is a true record of an ancient people and will help your relationship with the Savior. He loves you and wants to help us every step of the way. We are so very blessed! I am learning so much and my mind is in a constant state of is perfect for me. I love you.  Stay safe and know I love you more than I want a frosty right now! Have a wonderful week.
Love love love love love,- so much love,
Sister Sorensen