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The Sisters

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sarah Cate: Bueno Bueno Texas Bueno

Hermanas Sorensen & Jesperson - Oct. 2011 - San Antonio, TX

Hello All,
I just read Libbi's e-mail and am once again rebuked by the spirit. I want to say sorry for being bad at communicating. Libbi has always been gifted with words. She can express so much with fewer words. I'm sorry. I will be better. Man, I want to wear Chacos (sandals). I am soooo jealous of that. I partly wished the picture she sent had been cut off right at the bottom so that I could remain in ignorance of how beautiful those shoes are and how much I miss them.
Well this week went by very fast. We are trying to contact all less-active members of our ward...all 45 of them. It's exciting because we've already contacted some that people haven't been able to get ahold of. Training a missionary is fun but really hard. I find myself becoming impatient but it's really good because I am able to notice and to grow in patience. I am learning a lot more than she is I fear. Lots of people asked me about my family this week. Waaay random. So how are ya family? I hope that wasn't negative energy that was being sent down to Texas and somehow everyone picked up on it but me.
WE are trying to find new people to teach. WE are knocking a lot. I don't really like knocking at all. It is such a gamble here. There has been  A LOT  of negative press about Mormons lately down here. --THANK YOU GOVERNOR PERRY! I guess at a rally down here, his pastor told a bunch of people that Gov. Perry was a 'TRUE' christian and that Mormonism was a cult. Unfortunately, many people believe him and believe a lot of the ridiculousness that is put out by so many people today. We are getting really really good at explaining a lot about --speaking of which, have y'all filled out a profile yet? DO IT NOW! I know I saw good old Larry Gelwix on there...hahahahahahahahaah! Everyone loves him down here. I also have a few friends who are on missions in Cali and talk about their awesome mission president and how they made a movie after him. It's really awesome and a great way to get trunky around here. :) I love it though. I love so much about my mission.
I have realized that I probably will never have an "oh this is why I'm in Texas" moment. But, that does not mean I don't have a testimony that I need to be here. I believe I've had so many moments that remind me that I am here for a reason. I have come up with a real break through about the whole "Why Texas?" question: WHY NOT TEXAS?!! Every single one of God's children need the Gospel. Why not the ones in Texas?!!  Why not learn and grow where you are planted. Why not help and love the people of Texas like you would have with the people of Africa or Brazil? Why not?! I find comfort in that. Life does not always go the way you expect or want it to but why not love where you are? Why not love everything about bitter and sweet as it may be. Why not? If God is unchanging and we are supposed to become Gods one day, why not be unchanging about our love for his children. It is not circumstantial. It is a choice. (I know mom is screaming to herself I TOLD YOU SOOOO but I've always needed to come to things in my own way and time) --thanks for being patient with me.
This does not exempt me from feeling jealous about Chacos and Brazil. In fact, I feel that is quite natural. But it does not take away from my love for my Texans. Maybe one day I'll get to talk to some people in Texas wearing Chacos. Who knows. I guess my ramblings means be happy. Choose your happiness. Choose to find the flowers amongst the thorns. -- or here in Texas, see the bluebells along the highway. :)
I love y'all so much. I promise I'm trying to grow up. I miss y'all like crazy. Don't you dare forget how much I love y'all.

hna. Sorensen

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