The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Cate: Territory Well Marked...

Oh my dearest family in the world....wait wait dearest family FOR ETERNITY!!!
How blessed I am to be a part of y'all for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever! Y'ALL ROCK!  Just as a side note from me to y'all....all the Elders in my zone hate me because I get the most mail out of anyone. MUUHAHA!!! THanks family for loving me!
Well lets see...This week....just a few things happened. Rex, right after we had sent our e-mails last week, told us that he did not want to be baptized on the 24th. Courtney really didn't want him to be baptized then so I think that had quite a strong influence over him. However, thanks to much fasting and prayer, he and Courtney have decided that the 23rd of this month will be the date for Rex to be baptized. I am sooo happy about that. It's a huge tender mercy. We are just plugging away to help that family.
Y'all know how I am blessed to live with 4 beautiful Bostons. Well one passed away this week. It was time, I believe but it was extremely hard on our dear pretend Mama Billy. She loves her dogs like you would not believe. If any of y'all have a second to send her a little note about how much I love her and how amazing she is as a person...that would be much appreciated. I know it would make her day. (Y'all can write it to Billy at my same address). She is such a kind lady and has gone through a very rough year. It may sound silly to y'all but it was very hard for her. Please keep her in y'all's prayers.
A not so funny, but potentially funny thing for some, thing happened this week. The only male dog we have living in his house decided to mark his territory on my ...wait for it......MY VIOLIN CASE! Yes. I am mad. Yes.I am hurt. Yes I feel violated. The one thing that is mine now smells strongly of dog wet. I would love for suggestions on how to remedy the situation. I've tried to wipe it down with baking soda and water...I've tried eating my sorrows with chocolate...nothing seems to heal the pain. :) 
Well, thanks for loving me. Drama works and all. I'll just keep workin for the Lord. I love y'all so much. Don't forget it! 
Hna. Sorensen 

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