The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Libbi: A Week of Dead Cats

Well, this week was good bad and ugly...but mostly good. I will start with the title of this e-mail and also the reason why this week was ugly... I saw 5 dead cats this week just chillin on the street..but what was worse is that all were in various states of decay and was in the middle of the street...therefore flat and already well on its way to dust, one was laying in the grass next to the sidewalk and we observed the entire week (because it was close to where we live) the process of its decay, one was stiff as a board and standing as if alive and joke it was like Mrs. Norris in Harry Potter when she is petrified. The others were close to the street....death by car. Anyway, food for thought!
This week was a bit was our last week of the transfer and Sister Nascimento and I have been together for 2 transfers in this area that isn´t very large...we were excited about Oscar but he was very difficult to meet up with this week...Maria (grandma of Rebeca our recent convert of 9 years old) accepted a date for baptism this upcoming Sunday! I am hoping and praying that she will stick with her decision. Sister Nascimento was sick this week and as a result we had 2 trips to the hospital and more time in the house than I would have liked. But we managed to meet up with Amanda and Mateus and they came to one of the Saturday sessions of Conference. They were very receptive and we will see what will become of them. Conference was AWESOME! I will admit it is a bit hard not to hear the talks in my native language but I still got plenty out of the sessions and the ability to learn through the Spirit is real!
So..transfers....I am with sister Fernandes in Julio de Castilho B (I was in Julio de Castilho A for 2 transfers with Sister Nascimento). Sister Nascimento will open a new area close to  Ponta PorĂ£o called Durados (4 hours away by bus) and will be with Sister Heydorn my comp. from the CTM. It is new for sisters and will be a challenge but I´m really excited for them both and Sister Nascimento really wanted to open a new area so I´m super excited for her. Also, I am really excited to be with Sister Fernades who I was already living with (she was the comp. of Sister Randal and Sister Cardoso for a short time). Sister Cardoso returned to her house today to prepare to leave on her mission in Nov. She was just a temp. missionary here. I think she will be serving in Minas Gerais but don´t know for sure. I´m happy for the time we had with her. Sister Ferndades is really funny and awesome we have a lot of fun together and she has a powerful testimony and ability to teach! We will have a great time this transfer for sure! I am really excited and will walk much much more than I already do because our area is not where we is a long ways away, but we already have a baptism lined up this week of a Mom `Sandra` who has 7 children and all that are of age have been baptized! I will be helping the other Sister that will arrive and live with us this week working in Julio de Castilho A. This is a great responsibility to be the ambassador for our recent converts and investigators in my old area but I´m excited to learn and grow through this change. Sister Smith will be serving with us in my old area (she was serving in Cuiaba) and Sister Lima dos Santos (who was serving in another area in Campo Grande and was the comp of Sister Fernades in the CTM) is good and I´m excited!
I am learning so much progress continues with the language, it is for sure a full immersion program here :) but I´m loving the challenge...I am working to be a better tool in the hands of the Lord everyday here and I´m trying to be worthy of the wonderful calling and opportunity in my is wonderful! There is nothing like it...when you are teaching and you are so full of the spirit that you just might explode with joy and love for these complete strangers...nothing like it "gente." I can´t express in words how much I love this experience and opportunity...I´m so blessed....sometimes I question why me,  but God is so very good, he is our loving Father...I feel him with me every moment...he cares about the stupid little things that I stress about each day. Wow, he is amazing...I love him and I love you all! Thanks for being the rock in my life..stable and true to what you believe..always there to push me forward and cheer me on! I love you more than I loved hearing Leona Lewis in McDonald's! Oh the tender mercies! I love love love you all and cheer for your success and joy! Your joy is mine and your heart is mine!
Com grande amor,
Sister Sorensen

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