The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Libbi: MY MOM IS THE BEST EVER!!!!SHE LOVES ME SO MUCH!!!.....but the secret is that I love her more :)

Well, wow...what a week. I GOT YOUR PACKAGE MOMMY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! SERIOUSLY, ALL THE THINGS I WOULD EVER WANT OR DESIRE! YOU KNOW ME VERY WELL!!! I am learning and growing here in Campo Grande. I was happy to hear about the homecoming of Elder Jackson and I think he will never be `David` in my mind. But glad that you heard just a little bit about how freaking AWESOME my mission is! I love it here! I love the people, culture, missionaries, stories, experiences, and most importantly what I am doing, the work of the Lord! Life is good...but always changing. I am in a new area and with Sister Fernades. I love her! We are having a great times and though she only has 3 months on the mission, she teaches with power and we have 2 dates for baptism this upcoming week. We were in the same group in the CTM and we have lived together these past two transfer so, it is pretty clear that we are already besties! I have so much I can learn from her! OH, I have been a major slacker with birthdays and Menner I hope your birthday was awesome on the 20th. and Uncle Scott on the 28th. Lisa hope your b-day was killer on the 2nd of the month and Papa on the 7th! OH and uncle Evan on the 6th!

So, this week we have been working with our recent converts a lot. We had 2 young ladies receive the Holy Ghost this Sunday and Alichandre will receive it next Sunday...We have Sandra that was supposed to be married today and it is the 3rd time we have tried to get them married...but I think we have already planned to try again on Thurs. so I hope it will work out. We also met up with Selma who recently moved to our area but was taught by the other sisters. She accepted a date for baptism this upcoming Sunday. We are really excited and blessed in this area. I am trying to work on my contacts on the street because we want to meet new people and have more success. Thanks Susu and Gus and Aunt Marilee for your letters. I love them! I got your picture Susu and Gus and thanks so much! I love pictures!

I don´t know what else to write at this moment...weird I am without words or news. But I love you all and hope you like the pictures. We had a talent show in the ward and one of the young men dressed up as a popular Brazilian boy band member and did a lip sink...oh it was hilarious! I am for sure a #1 fan. OH and we found this butterfly in our house (the other picture) sister Nascimento was terrified...hahaha oh good times. I will try to send more. I am just now getting the hang of the computers here but all is well. I love you all more than I love the almost flash floods we have been having this is spring and with it come the showers but it is not the same as Utah...oh and we had a bit of hail but not a joke we had to seek shelter with a complete stranger because they were the size of bouncy balls. OH and a man yelled ``master Joseph` probably 30 times as I passed the bar this week...i love the little phrases they know in English...oh Brasil. I just love it! I will celebrate 5 months on the mission this week...I would love to hear how everyone else is doing!

Love love love,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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