The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Libbi: A Week of Rain and Change...

Well, Here I am....this week was a bit on the slow side. I´m so happy to hear about your climb Ben (I know it is old news but sometimes the snail that brings me my news gets tired) Anyway, CONGRATS and Rae you are in my prayers that your arm/shoulder will continue to heal and stay in the right place. Peter and Sarah I would love to hear something from you guys...someday...not to make you feel guilty or anything but you are the only siblings that I haven´t heard one thing from and This week I celebrated 4 MONTHS ON THE MISSION!!!! mais tudo bem! Meg, I´m so happy for you and your new experiences in school...enjoy every minute. I love you and think about you often. Mommy and Daddy....I can´t put in words what a blessing it was to receive your letters this week and hear about life with you...I love every little detail - especially about my setting apart. Thank you.
This week we had a variety of weather..started out extremely hot...then cold and humid and rainy...then returned to pretty warm. It is really dry here in Campo Grande so the rain was very welcome but working in the rain is a bit difficult. We only have one umbrella between the two of us and my umbrella is officially on the `used side` anyway, good times on the mission! We had some changes this week we had district meeting normal this week but President Olivera was there and discussed what we have learned and applied since our conference a few weeks back. I am trying my best to better myself and my ability to teach these people and with help from the Lord I am slowly learning this language. We also had an emergency transfer and Sister Randal is now serving in another area on the other side of the city. Sister Fernades is training (with 3 months on the mission..she is my hero) and we have a temporary sister serving in our mission with Sister Fernades- her name is Sister Cardoso. She used to live in this area and will be receiving her call to serve officially any day now..but I guess this is really common when they don´t have enough missionaries and Sister Fernandes did the same thing...a mini mission for 2 months before she came on this mission also. I think this would have been great mission prep for me but oh well. We are working away in this area...well, we are working and at times I´m not sure if we are actually headed in a direction but tudo bem. Eduardo and Rebeca received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and it was great. The other sisters also had 2 more baptisms in the family that they have been teaching. We are having success but with the success comes opposition. This week we taught Maria more and more about desire and the need for her to be baptized (this is the grandma of Rebeca) and she doesn´t want to change her life and be baptized again. This was the sadness of the week and we were particularly sad because we want Rebeca to stay strong in her faith and decision but she is only 9.  We trek on..we have some new possibilities and we will work even harder this week to try and have continued success. I was forced-hugged this week by a man in the supermarket and continue to make my companion laugh everyday as I try to speak this language but all is well. I am happy and healthy and ready to learn more always. This life is such a gift and we are so very blessed. I know I´m preaching to the choir but stay strong in what you believe and don´t forget the little things. The Gospel is true and has the power to change you. The Book of Mormon is a true record of an ancient people and will help your relationship with the Savior. He loves you and wants to help us every step of the way. We are so very blessed! I am learning so much and my mind is in a constant state of is perfect for me. I love you.  Stay safe and know I love you more than I want a frosty right now! Have a wonderful week.
Love love love love love,- so much love,
Sister Sorensen

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