The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Cate: Cactus, Rain and Miracles

Oh my dearest family in the whole wide world!
First off, I need to give a shout out to my amazing mother. Do y'all know that she sends me letters continually?! And these are no two cent letters people. Y'all know that she works every day so that I can be out on my mission?! I realized that my mom spent several years of her life PREGNANT!....SHE HAS BEEN A MOTHER MORE YEARS THAN SHE HAS BEEN A SINGLE PERSON! That is love and devotion y'all! I am so blessed.
I think I am so full of joy. I feel very much like a tree here. Yesterday and the day before IT RAINED and everything looks happier. Truly our trees look like they have renewed life and a greater resolve to continue on! haha that is a lot how I feel. A break in the long drout was wonderful. This last week has been one of the craziest and busiest weeks of my mission.
We had zone conference that truly was such a blessing. Much of the subject matter was exactly what I needed and helped me a lot. I also got the blessing of playing my violin at it. I had my district leader play with me on the piano and it was very beautiful. We played Joseph Smith's First Prayer. We made up our own version and it was a BIG HIT! We nailed inviting the spirit so 10 GOLD STARS FOR US!
Just a few days ago we were called by the assistants asking if we were available to travel to Austin on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week and return on Thursday! (Septembert 19,20, 21) Yahoo! Now if that is not just the bees knees just wait till y'all here what its for................we have been asked to help out with.......A GLADYS KNIGHT CONCERT!!! woot woot! Yes, we have no idea what we are going to do but I will let y'all know about it next week. We are one of 12 companionship's chosen to help out. WHAT A neat opportunity! 
Well on to more important matters: KATHERINE AND REX ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK ON FRIDAY!! We are just sooo excited and happy for them. They informed me that next December that all of them are coming to stay at our house so that they can go through the temple and get sealed as a family! (wups! is that ok mom and dad? :):):):):) ) I already said that it was ok.........They will forever be examples to me of how this Gospel truly changes lives. It has an amazing healing power that is something out of this world.
We also received another blessing yesterday. A member in our Bulverde Branch brought their friends over to their house and we taught them and they want to know more!!! They are a beautiful family and are truly sincere in their desire to find out more. They saw their friends and told us "we want what they have" I'm not sure that I always realize "what we have" I think that is such a blessing. What a neat thought that we can all think about this week. "What we have" is something special and recognizable to others.
Always stand and be examples of Christ. We are are all enlisted... ALL OF US! Share the gospel with your neighbors, friends, and family. BE THE GOSPEL!
I love y'all with all my big Texas heart. Don't y'all forget it now ya hear!
I'm fixin to write more letters. It will come. Sorry. Thanks for y'all's patience with me.
te amo muchisimo!
Hna. Sorensen

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