The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Cate: An Emotional Week

Well....what to say.....
This week has been one of the most emotional on my mission. It started out with the Gladys Knight concert -- We helped direct people and we helped non-members feel comfortable and want to fill out part of the program so that we could give them a free gift. We collected these sheets. We organized them. My companion and I also got to help with the "VIP" section. We essentially were doing PR work the whole time. It was a huge blessing. I know what y'all are thinking and No, none got to meet Gladys because she wanted it to be all about God and the focus to be on him. However, because we worked in the VIP section, she walked passed us several times. One time I blew a kiss to her and she blew one back! (yes Ii know, so special) and when she was leaving for the last time, I told her that i loved her and she looked at me and said "I love you too. Keep up all the good work that you do!" --yes y'all. I just got the stamp of approval from none other than Gladys Knight!!! yahoooo!! It was a tremendously beautiful fireside where much of the Gospel was shared. The most beautiful moment happened when Gladys shared her testimony. She was very blunt and honest about how she came to the church and her previous feelings toward the Church. It was so great. I love her with all my heart. I will buy her CD's till the day I die. in fact, EVERYONE SHOULD GO OUT AND BUY SOME OF GLADYS' CHURCH ARRANGEMENTS OF THE HYMNS. She said that when she became a member Pres. Hinkley turned to her and said " I hear you don't like our music Gladys" and she said "I AIN'T SAYIN THAT" and he said "Well then do something about it." She is awesome. It was a huge privilege and an honor to be a part of it. I also got to see my trainer for the last time which was so bitter sweet....more sweet though. I love her and will miss her a lot. She goes home in the beginning of Nov.
When we came home, we found out from President Jones that we would both be transferred out of the Bulverde area. This means that we will no longer be working with the Lee family or any of the other Less-Actives that we had been working with. The baptism for Rex and Katherine was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. they are a miracle and so many people came that it was standing room only. The Bulverde ward is one amazing ward and they are so good about missionary work. I am so blessed to have served there. Also, I got to play my violin so it was another great blessing as well.
Unfortunately, Friday also happened to be the day that we all found out about brother and sister Jones (missionary couple). Oh my heart broke into a million pieces. They were the couple that Ii became friends with on my very first day of my mission. I didn't have any friends on my first day because I didn't have anyone from my MTC district. They were both so happy and excited about missionary work and they performed miracles while they were here. I know that God needed her elsewhere. wHy? We my never know, but it was very sad.
The last burst of emotion came yesterday when we got a call from President Jones saying that sister Larsen is going down to the border for her next area. He also asked me to train a new missionary. I immediately started to cry because I am not ready. I feel so scared and unprepared. Transfers are Thursday. Ohhhhh man I am sooooo scared. I feel like a brad new missionary myself so I have no idea what I am going to do.  
I love y'all so very much. I am blessed to have y'all. Don't ever forget how much I love y'all.
hna Sorensen

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  1. Sister Sorensen, you'll do great while training the new missionary. You've made so many miracles happen already! The Lord will perform another miracle through you as throw yourself out there with faith. You can do it!