The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Libbi: Noticias do Campo

Mommy, and everyone else! I love you! Brasil is Brasil and we keep pushing forward. I left my list at home but I hope that everyone that is celebrating anything has a great time doing it and know that I am there in spirit partying it up! haha. I am learning and growing and becoming here in Brasil. English is strange and I can´t really speak it fluently anymore. I speak Portuguese 24/7 and can´t be understood any other is so good for me...but a struggle at times.
This week we taught a bunch of people.  We met many people and had more people contact us on the street than usual. I know this is an answer to fasting and prayer because we have had difficulties finding people to teach and this week we had some success. It was great. We met Maria and family - all her children living at home have special needs she is a mother of 12 but only 3 live with her and one of her daughters has a 13 daughter named Percila that also has special need. She is extremely sweet and very funny...she has difficulties walking but loves music and to talk. We probably won´t be focusing much on them this week because they weren´t able to come to church. We had two men in the same day contact us on the street (I think it was my lucky skirt haha no..) and one of them came to church and accepted a date for baptisms his name is Oscar and we are very hopeful that we will finish out this transfer with another baptism!!!! Our recent converts (Oswaldo, Eduardo, and Rebeca) were all at church on Sunday and we are going to re-commit Maria (grandma of Rebeca) to be baptized! The work continues on. I love this work.
I had the privilege to attend the General Relief Society conference...well part of it... because our investigator arrived a bit late. But I loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf. I think we can all learn from his 4 points 1) patience with yourself 2) priorities and the difference between a good sacrifice and sacrificing all 3) be happy now! 4) remember the `why´s` about the gospel. We do all things for a reason and are blessed with more understanding when we have faith. I am out of time gente (thats "people" for you non-Portugese speakers) but I love you more than the moon and the sunset and the beautiful birds and flowers here. You are in my heart always and remember who you are and what you are and act accordingly!
Send a Hi back to Chris Toronto and Clayton and PHIL IS GOING TO SERVE A MISSION IN BRASIL? PLEASE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS?!?!  I love you stay true
com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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