The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Libbi: rain rain went away and now I die from heat...not really :)

 Nosso! this week was a bit warm...I think nothing in comparison to what Sarah is experiencing but tudo bem life goes on. This week we worked and worked and worked....and yeah worked. We taught and searched and found some people to teach that were new but none of which want to be baptized or change their lives...Brasil does not have a problem with faith or religion but with authority and the idea of 1 true church is very difficult for many. There is a church on every corner sometimes more. Everyone here has their own religion it is not do you go to church but what church do you go to and what days of the week? I love the faith of this people but we meet so many that feel that The church of Jesus Christ is different but don´t want to change because change is hard and different and they are unsure! ahah! But we push on. wow, downer to start out with sorry.
We had stake conference this week which was really great. There were lots of talks about how we are followers of Christ and how we can better follow him. I am understanding more and more but it is still a struggle sometimes especially to speak. We taught Eladia this week, she is 7th Day Adventist and she was very receptive to our message but after we marked a date of baptism and committed her to pray she had a `dream` while she was going to her church on Saturday that she needs to stay in the religion that she is in and not doubt what she knows!!!ahh! how do I tell you didn´t have an extremely spiritual experience with an incredible dream with the voice of Mary....oh its complicated sometimes. But we push on...needless to say she doesn´t want to be baptized anymore. We also taught Bela this week and she is an older woman that lives alone and she doesn´t want to leave the earth. She wants to live on the earth forever and has proven in her mind that this is what the Bible says...anyway, she has a hard time remembering us. We visited her 3 times this week and we explained the same thing everyday...tudo bem. we do a whole lot of listening....I also met a young man on the street that was very receptive when he was talking to me but did when we tried to talk about anything to do with religion...not. Interesting...very interesting.
Anyway, life goes on. We only have 2 more weeks in the transfer and I am nervous because I think we will have a whole lot of changes this upcoming transfer with the sisters. Remember to fact that is an open invitation to all....I would love to hear from you! I am just here in Campo Grande preaching the good word. I love you and pray for you! Keep on keepin on. I love you more than I miss a normal sidewalk that don´t have surprise ditches and holes just perfect for my shoes to catch and break my ankles haha no only had a few close calls! The church is true and Jesus Cristo is our Savior and Redeemer!
Com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen
p.s. I live in a triplex it has 3 parts. We have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, it is small and perfect for what we need. The streets are paved (but horribly uneven) I eat lunch with a member of the ward everyday...lunch is the main meal here and we always eat with a member or are given money to buy food to make in our house.

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