The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sarah Cate: You Can Not Escape Your Roots!

Oh dearest family! Before I forget: I'm sorry I haven't been wishin y'all a happy birthday and happy anniversary so I'm sorry y'all! I love ya too much. I do want to wish Mutti and Papa a very very happy anniversary! I love y'all! Thanks for bein great!
I have so many fun details to fill y'all in on this week so I'm fixin to fit it in. We'll see what happens. First of all: NO YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE YOUR ROOTS. THEY ARE WHAT GROUND YOU AND GIVE YOU STRENGTH WHEN THE FUTURE AND THE PRESENT SEEM LOST. Last Monday, we went in and spent time with the amazing office couples. (the AP's don't like it when we go in because the couples love us more than they love them!) Well, we got to talkin and found out that one of the couples that work in the office.........................WENT ON A WAGON TRAIN IN 1997!!  Yes my friends. I have been blessed to discover that they were with us during our time at Chimney Rock! Oh what a beautiful blessing it was to hear names like Tennessee John and Max! This beautiful couple is from Canada and guess what?! THEY WENT ON THE WAGON TRAIN TO CANADA in 1998, SO THEY KNOW TONS OF THE PEOPLE THAT WE KNOW! They told me a funny story about Tennessee: They said that he couldn't take his chickens over the boarder to Canada but magically when they arrived in Canada, so did his chickens...hahahah so typical. Oooohh it made me happy to talk about it with them. I gave them y'all's e-mail.
Oooohhh it was beautiful. We also had a fun opportunity to attend the temple to watch Courtney and Kyla  and Brandi (all recent converts) do baptisms for the dead at the Temple. --- The San Antonio Temple is the most beautiful temple. Y'all can't argue that. I love it. ---Kyla and Brandi had the most wonderful time.....Courtney...lets see.....what were the words she used......oh yes, "I wish this day had never happened"-  I KNOW RIGHT?! It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life. Satan was working on her all day and she felt that the promptings that Satan gave her to put off going and to not go to the temple were right. It ended up being quite an emotional and scary ordeal. But because we are doing the Lord's work, we already had an appointment set up with her and Rex (her non-member husband) to teach him more about the gospel. After much talking about the plan of salvation and the important work that happened for her ancestors, Courtney was consoled and all was well with the world again....oooh and and..............................................REX IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 23 DE SEPTIEMBRE!!! Oooohh I am sooo happy and blessed to have heard that. We are also starting to work with Katherine again. Please pray for the her family. They are going through some big changes but all for the best. I am so excited and blessed to see how the gospel has truly changed this family. They actually talk to one another. I love it. it is sooo beautiful. We are blessed. 
Quick questions and notes: Can I please have some pictures of my family? I feel like y'all have changed so much. I'd love to see y'all. (maybe even Libbi?)  Oh and I know a relation of Ken Green. I'm not exactly sure...but they are in the Encino Park Ward. So HELLO KEN! I LOVE YOU! Its nice to have connections to home. It makes it seem more real. 
I'm glad to hear my dog is living and not dead. Glad to hear about the Chickens and how amazing my baby sister is. Glad to know all my family is safe in the country and relatively (Raeshell) in one piece. God bless y'all.
Fun fact: They say the pledge of allegiance here in schools along with the pledge to Texas:
I pledge allegiance to Texas
One State Under God
Indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
???hhmmm sound familiar? :)
Love y'all so much. Don't y'all forget it!
Hna. Texas.

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