The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sarah Cate: HOT HOT HOT in Texas

Hello my beautiful family and friends!
It sounds like another eventful week in the Sorensen household. I wouldn't expect any less from my awesome family. I love hearing about how Gus is improving. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON GUSSY! YOu and Susu are just awesome. I am blessed to have ya. Mutti and Papa, y'all are so beautiful. I miss spending time with my beautiful grandparents. Don't y'all worry because I'm makin ya proud down here in Tejas. Texas is beautiful but I hope y'all are prayin for rain in this here part because we are dryin up like crazy. The East coast hurricane sent all its heat and NO moisture to this area. Its been the hottest summer on record here in Texas. We have had 3 months of over 100 degrees. I promise I'm not trying to complain but it is just so amazingly hot. I hope y'alls temps are fixin to be pretty.
We met with Courtney's husband Rex this week. He is a very shy and soft spoken man but he is soo sweet. He has a very sincere desire to learn the gospel and make it part of his life and his family. We are blessed to be teaching him. We still teach him along with Katherine when we go to their house. He told us that seeing the change in Courtney made him want to know more and how he can actually feel the difference in his house. The gospel truly helps people change and improve their lives. I love that very much.
We taught a boy from Trinidad yesterday. He is a member's friend and he was very sharp! Oh I loved it! He was very honest with his Methodist beliefs but how it was mostly lip-service. He went to Church yesterday and wants to go next week. His name is Romero. He is hoping to go to Ohio on a track scholarship.
Courtney's son is named Rex as well: --that was just a little bit of background info--- So Rex (the son) a.k.a. Bubba was looking at some pictures of Jesus during church last week and when he got to a picture of Jesus on the cross he said who is that? (pointing to Jesus). And she said Jesus. He said who are they? (pointing to those people gathered around the base of the cross.) and sister Larsen said those are the people who were mean and killed Jesus. All Bubba said: "idiots".  --out of the mouth of babes. :)
I love y'all so much. I have y'all in my prayers. Don't ever forget how much I love y'all!
with all the big Texas love I can muster,
Hermana Sorensen

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