The Sisters

The Sisters

Monday, September 12, 2011

Libbi: Oh Nossa, what a week...

Today was a bit strange we went to the center of the city to find a park that we never found and then we walked and got caught in a mini flash flood. It was a real adventure.  Eu tenho saudages por (I am homesick for)Chalk creek! ahh I hope you guys have a killer time! (just need to tell Daniel that I want a picture letter or e-mail pretty darn quick about his "eternal marriage plans" por favor!) I am so happy for everyone especially Mutti and Papa! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I have so many great examples of true commitment and love! Thank you for your steadfastness and support! I love you and hope you know that I can´t express to you in words the example that you are. I am happy to hear about the chickens and sad to see Piper go but he/she was really sweet for the 2-3 weeks that I knew him/ when I get year I will have no friends because everyone will be married mas tudo bem...I have the gospel and I have faith that Bailey will live to be my true and only friend when I return. Hahah just joking. I love you all and I´m so happy that all is well, oh minus Raeshell. I will keep you in my prayers hun. I´m so sorry to hear about your accident but it sounds like you were blessed and your bones will heal.
Oh minha nossa, this week was loca de mais! We had 2 baptism. Rebeca the grand-daughter of Maria (she is 9 years old) was baptized yesterday along with Eduardo (he is 26), and to be completely honest, he is extremely abnormal but everyone needs this saving ordinance and I´m hoping with time I will understand him a little better. Oswaldo is an active member of the ward. He continues to have health problems with his feet but he is being blessed and has a positive attitude. We are hoping that Maria will be baptized this next Sunday but we still need to build her faith about the restoration and why she needs to be baptized. She is very hard of hearing and so it is a bit difficult but we have a positive attitude! Our zone was the highest baptizing zone in the mission this week. We baptized 8 people! The other sisters baptized 4 and so in total in our ward we had 6 baptisms! It was a little crazy! but it was so wonderful and I´m hoping we will have continued success in this area. 
Oh, and the language, it is coming...Oh nossa! this week I taught that Adao e Eva (Adam & Eve) cherar da terra (cherar is the verb to smell).  (I meant to say encher- to fill) good times on the mission...I love making my companion laugh! I am learning but it is slow sometimes. I love it here. I love my mission and this experience truly is unique...I am learning and being stretched everyday. I love you all and hope you have a killer week. Thanks for your support and prayers. The church is true and the gospel truly does change lives! I love you more than my wicked sweet Chaco tan! (a freaking ton!)
Com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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