The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Libbi: The streets turn to rivers and the sidewalks become `splash zones`

Oh FAMILY and FRIENDS of MINE!!!!! I love you and I have had yet another week here in Campo Grande in Julio de Castilho b. I am working hard and adjusting to the changes that have occurred because of the transfer. I am learning and growing and understanding more and more of this culture and language! WAHOO! Highlights of this week: I contacted a woman on the street and she just ignored me...then after we continued walking she turned and yelled down the street with the look of death on her face, `you are talking to me` we turned and smiled and said good afternoon and she just kept walking...I love crazy people. Oh another highlight, I taught my companion from Bahia the word `creeper` and I just love when she uses it...definitely a good choice on my part. It rained a whole ton this week...this made contacts and pretty much all of our walking a bit more difficult but I really do love the rain!
OK, MARIA WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!! this is the Maria that we worked with since my first transfer here and we baptized her granddaughter last transfer. I am so happy for Maria and Rebeca and their progress. I am truly blessed that I stayed in the same ward (not the same area) to see her baptism! It was a happy day and after the discouragement we had with Selma this week, it was a happy ending. Selma was going to be our baptism this week and she was really excited when we marked her date last Sunday but we had a variety of holidays during this week and we never encountered her at home and so we kept on trying to find new people to teach and in the process of trying to find a reference from a member we found Zeilia who is really awesome. She has tons of questions and loves to talk but is progressing fast and will be baptized hopefully not this Sunday but the next. She has a tough work schedule so we are trying to work it out for her to come to church but she has tons of faith and I´m hopeful she will accept the gospel in her life.
This was my week...not a whole ton happened wasn´t way crazy but it was good and I´m learning a lot. Because I´m not always talking (lack of language and ability) I do a whole lot more of thinking and observing...this is really good for me. I love you all and pray and wish you the best in everything! Stay true to who you are know that some crazy blond American in the middle of nowhere Brazil is thinking about your often!
 com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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