The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sarah Cate: Happy Thanksgiving!

Alright beautiful people in my life here goes the tales of the week:
 Do I have cause to smile this week? WELL DUH! I'M SERVING A MISSION SILLY PEOPLE! But not only that, I met a character from a very beloved movie that Libbi and I used to watch all the time. The title of the movie is Drag Me to Hell. Yes. I know it may be strange to equate a person on my mission to such a movie but let me explain. (The title of the movie is very dramatic so forgive me to quoting it) In this movie, there is a gypsy woman who curses a lady for not giving her a loan on her house. (This movie is very silly and I think that's why I love it so) Well I just want y'all to know that I met a real live version of that gypsy lady. The rest of this paragraph is all fact and nothing is made up: Her name is Jafar. Yes. Like the character in Aladdin. She speaks only in Farsi. For service here in Texas, we volunteer at a center for the, as Sarah Sykes Sorensen would put it, "mature" adults. :) We paint nails for the old ladies!! hahah yeah my life is soooo coool!!!! I am so blessed. But this last week was my first time painting nails for the mature ladies.  I got the lucky opportunity to work with Jafar. She yelled at me so loud that many of the workers had to come over. (No one speaks Farsi so they just talk to her in English and expect her to understand--all about great communication here in Texas). One of the workers had to hold her hand and tell her "purrty hands"  to allow me to paint her nails. The whole time I was intently listening for the words "lamia" because in the movie, the "lamia" was a curse placed upon the girl. I felt like it was a scene from that movie. I loved every minute of it. I guess except for the helpless feeling that came when I could not communicate with her. I guess I need to learn some words in Farsi. Simple ones like Please and Thank you and "Please don't hate me Jafar because I am only trying to bring people light and joy and happiness. Not sadness and anger. I just want to paint your nails." --ya know, simple things like that. :) It all turned out well. A darling lady came back and asked me to escort her to the lunch room where she gave me three quarters to buy myself a "Coke". Oh it was so tender. I love so many of the people here.
 I am so blessed. I have felt y'alls prayers. My heart is so open to these people. They are beautiful people. They have accomplished amazing things. I am working and praying that the ward can be more united so that when we bring people in, they will be fellow-shipped and loved. I don't know that my heart can take it so much. Sometimes I freak myself out because I look at the people that God has blessed me with in my life, and I want to cry because my heart is so full of love and special feelings for these people. How did that happen so fast? I know. Heavenly Father loves me and all my family is just rockin so all of our prayers are being answered. Gosh it's so weird to try to describe how I feel. I guess I'll try to this way: I feel like a giant blob of feelings and I am absorbing so many other feelings that I feel like I can not hold any more. I just love these people. OOohhh dear, I am so weird. Oh well. I love it so I guess I'm just weird. :)
 I met a cute family who lived in Boston and went to the temple a lot when Gus and Susu were temple presidents. It was a beautiful connection and fun to talk about Boston. They are a Less Active family now but I think they are going to be coming back. They are just awesome.
 I also met a Less Active man that is...well how do you say in English...........ummmm intense. Yeah that may be an understatement. He expressed to me that "its time for me to be taken to the next level of understanding. A higher way of thinking" . He said I was ready!! Yahhoooo!! hahaha I have no idea what that means but I will keep praying for him. He is a good guy but just has gotten really into his own knowledge and hasn't really relied on God a lot.
 I have been having the most bizarre dreams this week because I have had so many interesting experiences. We met a man who breeds snakes. His name is Larry and I think we are going to be best friends for life. He is sooo funny and crazy. They have about 18 pythons in their trailer park home! It is truly amazing. They have one that is 8 feet long. I have some pictures! Oh I also got the distinct privilege of watching him feed them!!! yes. Rats. Oh sad day for my childhood. I will be OK though. Traumatized quite a bit. There are so many BIG HUGE time hunters here as well. You name it, they have shot it and have it hanging in their house. WOOOOOW.
 Austin is so unique. I love it. It is beautiful and crazy just like me. I miss a lot of San Anotonio but I am excited for this next great adventure. I am so sorry to hear about Bob Anderson. Please let his wife know how much I love her and give her a hug from me. I miss y'all loads!! I hope y'all can forgive me for my imperfections! I am working on it. I miss y'all like crazy. I love ya sooo much.
 love you little, love you big, love you like a little pig!
 hna. Sorensen

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