The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Libbi: Happy Halloween! (Dias das Bruxas)

Fam and friends,
How ya´ll doin´....whoa for a second I was Sarah...haha Libbi here. OK this week was work but really great...I am learning how to meet new people and talk to everyone. I know it only took almost 6 months...I´m a slow learner. I am loving it here in Dourados but it is completely different than Campo Grande. It is rural and everything closes at 6:00 p.m. except the bars which like everywhere in Brazil are in ample supply. Happy Halloween! I want to know what you were for can e-mail me here at I would love to hear something.
OK, that was desperate
I´m sorry..I think I´m a bit trunky in this area because of my comp. She is always talking about her mission in past tense and she will return back to her house in 2 weeks and I don´t know for some reason I think about home a bit more with her than I should. But I´m happy and excited to be here...weird that it is almost November. Where has this year gone? I keep forgetting it is entering winter there in the USA because he we are in the throws of Summer....and it is hot. I am burning in the sun...well not a ton and don´t worry Mom I´m using sunscreen on my face and all is well with my health. It was extremely hot this week and my skin is a dark hair is lighter than it has been for a while because of the sun and as you commented is growing.
Carlos this boy that we were planning to baptize this week told us that he wants to be baptized with his cousin who will be baptized in the ward baptism in November sometime...but who know..we are going to focus on our other possibilities this week. We met a family and taught the mom who didn´t want anything to do with us but taught her 2 daughters and they were really interested...except we can only teach them on the weekends because they don´t have much time during the week...we have a lot of new investigators here but we have already cut a few of them because they don´t want to change or won´t go to church. OH Brazil...everyone here has a religion...its wonderful when you agree with people but sad when they won´t change even when they know what you are saying is true...the Catholic religion is very strong here in Durados...but we are learning how to be more direct and teach by the spirit.
That's pretty much it for this week. Today is Sister Nascimento´s birthday (My trainer from Campo Grande who is now in another companionship with me here in Dourados) and we are going to go eat lunch in the house of my comp....weird...hahaha but yeah. Oh and I have 5 letters waiting for me in the house of my district leader so if you wrote me...thanks! I love you all and hope you eat a ton of wonderfully artificial and unhealthy American candy this week! I love you more than I love to eat- which has grown on the mission...ahhh! tudo bem até mais!
com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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