The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Libbi: Oh the times they are a freaking changing!

OK remember way long last week (almost exactly) when I wrote that everything was pretty chill and I didn´t really have a whole lot to write about....well approximately 3 sec. after I sent that e-mail and logged-off the computer I got a call from my President saying that I will be transfered...that a Sister that was in my district in the MTC, Sister Chatwin, got her visa and will be arriving in Brazil on Friday. Because of this, I will go to another area 4 hours away by bus and open a new area, be a senior (to a temp. sister that ALREADY SERVED A MISSION AND GOT BACK 15 DAYS AGO from São Paulo) and I will leave Friday. Whoa whoa whoa! I thought that I had nothing to say and then the Lord sent me a whole book I could write! haha
I am now in Dourados which is in the interior of Brasil. I love it. It is very different than Campo Grande but I am adjusting with my 3 days that I have had here so far. Sandra who I was working with this last 3 weeks to get married was married last week and baptized this past Saturday. It was a really happy moment for Sister Ferndades and Sister Randal who started teaching this family 2 transfers ago. I am really happy that we completed this family (now we just have to baptize her husband). Anyway, it was also happy for Sister Chatwin to arrive and have a baptism. I think it is possible that we could have a baptism here this week in Dourados. We will be working with this week a boy named Carlos and he has a less active father and family in the church and his aunt is an active member of our ward. I am really excited about our possibilities and I will for sure overcome my fear of contacts here because we are establishing this area. It is big and we walk a lot.
Oh, I met a real scorpion here (not the animal but the title given to a man that wants to date you and not hear about the gospel). I passed him in front of a bar and we were returning to our house so I simply said good night...well I forgot and we continued to walk towards our house and then a car pulled up and started to ask about the church. I was way excited thinking wow a person that is really ready to hear our message...but turns out he wanted `my telephone number` and I explained that I don´t have a personal telephone here and then he gave his info and said Ì really want to get to know you better` and he pointed to me....oh scary...I don´t think we will be visiting least not this week if I can help it.  I am learning and growing and loving!
Keep it real fam!
Com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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