The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Libbi: Cuiabá- translated means....whole new level of hot!

So, life is good and hot here in Cuiabá. The name of my area is Industriario (suburbs of Cuiabá) my comp. is Sister Morais she is from the northeast of Brasil she is wonderful.  We are opening this area for sisters and it is quite an experience. But for level of hot here! It is normally around 90 at night and I have never slept soaking wet in my own sweat before with two fans blasting and no blankets....haha OK too much info. Life is good and more important than the weather: WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK AND A VISIT WITH ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR!!!!!!! It truly was a week of wonders. I learned and grew so much in this week that my body is very spiritually tired...not just regular physically tired. But it was wonderful, we had a special meeting with Elder Bednar on Fri. and then he spoke in our stake conference.He spoke about the importance of teaching people like agents not objects. He is a master teacher and we were able to discuss and ask question while being completely spiritually enriched. It was perfectly wonderful and I can honestly say that it has changed me as a person and changed my view of my mission and my eternal role and purpose. OK...gettin a bit deep but it was thrilling.
The second thrilling thing was our baptism of Suellen! She is wonderful. She is the daughter of an inactive member that married a non-member and she has a brother that is also inactive. She is 38 and has a 4 year old little girl and she is just wonderful. When we arrived in the area she had already been taught everything and all we discussed with her was the next step which as we all know is baptism. She was extremely excited to hear the conference with Elder Bednar and she said that she hoped to receive her answer to this decision during the conference. We waited and waited for her and others that we confirmed were coming yesterday and finally entered to the conference with no one...we lost the seats we were saving and sat way in the back...feeling low. And who entered just as the first speaker began. Suellen, her mother and brother and daughter! HOW WONDERFUL! The talks were perfect and Elder Bednar told a story that I have thought about a lot this week...It was about when the children of Israel were crossing the river Jordan but they didn´t wait till the waters parted they began to cross....they got their feet wet first....WOW! what a story of faith...just like it says in Ether we don´t receive the answer till the test of our faith. God´s plan is so perfect! Anyway, we discussed the conference with her after and she was feeling the spirit so strongly that she felt sick to her stomach...she didn´t know how to describe what she was feeling. I too was feeling the same thing. We then invited her to be baptized later that same day and she accepted! Of course everything was crazy, chaotic in the preparations...but the baptism was beautiful and this week was truly one to remember.
I´ll end with something a little more light. The mistakes in Portuguese continue...this week was a good one. Instead of was all mixed up I said it was all the menstruation of a woman....oh wonderful day when the whole world is laughing at you! hahaha but I´m learning and growing so much! I just love my mission and this place and these people! Life is such a wonderful gift and the plan of the Lord is perfect. Another wonderful thing that Elder Bednar taught is who we really are. WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD! HE LOVES US! HE HAS A PLAN OF HAPPINESS FOR US AND WANTS US TO RETURN TO HIM! Oh the mercy of my God! I love you all. Remember who you are this week. A child of God! he loves you and there is a crazy blond American in Brasil, Cuiabá baking alive who loves you too!
com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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