The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Libbi: WOW! I´ve for sure walked a wagon train or two :)

Oh family, has it really only been one week. I feel like everyday that I have lived here in Dourados I've had enough experiences and moments to fill volumes. I always feel rushed to fill you in on the highlights because there is just so much happening. I love it here but as always we move we change and we grow...I am going to be transferred to Cuiabá. I will open another area for sisters and I am really excited. My companion will be Sister Morais and I have only heard good things about her. I´m excited but not excited for the 16 hour bus ride...4 hours to Campo Grande and 12 to Cuiabá.

Highlights of this´m sorry to say that we returned to teach him this week and thought that it was a problem with sisters but we tried to teach him with our District leaders and he began to yell and shout and....well, we aren´t going to teach him anymore. We had a bunch of people that we confirmed would come to church and we didn´t have anyone. No, we had Carlos who is 9 and has family in the church but we marked a date for baptism yesterday and he will be baptized with his cousin on the 27th of Nov. I am really excited to leave this baptism for the other sister that will stay here in Dourados (my two x-comp's Sister Nascimento and Sister Heydorn)

This the middle of the closing prayer of one of our lessons in front of the house of an investigator I felt something hit my head...I thought that one of the little kids threw something but don´t worry, it was a giant bird turd on my head! Good times...washing my hair in the sink of a stranger....and really allowed us to leave that house with a laugh...good stuff. I´m walking so much that my Chacos (sandles) are is just my right Chaco for now but I take it that I have done a bit of walking in these last 6 months. Everyday this week was a joy with my comp. Sister A. Silva...she is really funny and sometimes speaks in Spanish. I love it and her! I´m so glad we had a chance to be comps because almost all her comps on her mission in Sao Paulo were really complicated.

Who knows what the future holds here in Brasil for Sister Sorensen, but I´m excited and ready for the challenge. My Portuguese is getting better and better but I spent 10 min. trying to say the word Trabalho - not trabalio for those of you who studied Spanish or Portuguese...and the difference between olho (eye) and olio (oil) someday my tongue will work and in the mean time....pray for added patience to my comp. I love you all and wish you all well in what your doing...I sent a truck load of letters last week so I hope that those who wrote me get my letters someday. Eu te amo! Boa Semana!

com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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