The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarah Cate: Oh, Happy Day!

Dearest family and friends,
My heart is so full. I don't even know where to begin in writing this. This last week was so beautiful. I received a package from Maren which was sent by some of her friends. I was unable to be home to receive it in person because this week we were visited by our Area Seventy representative. Elder Zivic came and talked to us about being better missionaries. To add to the excitement, I received a call that Elder Zivic wanted to interview 5 missionaries to represent our mission and President asked ME TO BE INTERVIEWED!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! It all turned out to be fine. He was very nice and spoke Spanish. He spoke some to me but I was too nervous to speak back to him in clear sentences but It was very beautiful. He said he just moved to downtown Salt Lake. I couldn't remember what Peter and Sarah's address is.  Maybe they live nearby? It was a real emotional experience and the spirit was very strong. Also, I had to say goodbye for the last time to Sister DeLeon, my trainer, because she is going home this Wednesday. Oh, I feel so bad for her. I also had to say goodbye to sister Larsen because she is going home at the end of this next transfer. It was very sad to see really the only missionaries that I've known closely on my mission go home. Oh well.
The emotions did not end there. Yesterday we had two of our investigators attend Sacrament meeting!! Stacey, our beautiful friend with a baptismal date, got up and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and it was her very first time attending!! Yes, I just about died I was so happy. There were several non-members there. It was just such a beautiful day. The people in this ward are unbeatable. They are so cool and I love them very much.
It was difficult to receive transfer calls last night and find out that I am going to be transferred. This is a huge surprise for me because I was almost guaranteed to stay here two transfers while I was training. I was very worried after I got the call that I had done something so wrong that my trainee needed to be with someone else. I called my Mission President and he said that I was needed to "work my magic" in another area and I needed to help a different companion. He said that I didn't do anything wrong and that it was quite the opposite. It helped put my heart at ease a little bit but it does not make it any easier to leave.   
I am going to need lots of prayers. Please don't ever forget how much I love y'all. I am blessed to have y'all in my life. I miss y'all like crazy. Keep praying for Stacey. She is going to be baptized next week. :)
Hna. Sorensen

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