The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah Cate: The Tender Mercies Continue

Dearest All:
This week....well....not at all as eventful as my sister in Brazil. *spoiler alert sorry. Well this week was good and tough. Satan was really working hard on us. My companion was very sick. We had to stay in for a few days. We eventually got to the doctor and he said it was allergies that had turned into a sinus infection!! Yeah sad. I felt bad but we got some antibiotics and so I believe we are on the mend. She still has a cough sometimes. We had some good talks...and not of the bad kind but we just opened up to each other. I just love her more and more. How can I ever be a normal person again?! I just love these people so much.
Near the end of the week the Lord blessed us with some tender mercies. We received a referral from a member who said he wanted to come back to church. We were soooo excited and quickly set up an appointment to see him. We saw him.............................well lets see if I can explain this. He sat us down and told us, " I'm going to tell you things you have never heard before" uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh ok..... So we listened. (While we listened his family came into the room and all sat down around the table together). This man explained that he believed he was a direct descendant of Nephi. --not so bad. I was thinking it might be something pretty crazy....well...well....well so then he went on and then said that polygamy has ruined the church and driven away so many souls that we don't even know how many souls we are losing. He said that he believes our church is run by man, Not prophets and then he explained he has been receiving revelations lately and was told to grow out his beard to increase his spirituality and he has been called to share the Book of Mormon with people. He was also told that he is the new prophet of the church  ....wwwwwooooooooooooooowwwwwww! OK. I said, and then he looked at me and said "do you believe in all that polygamy stuff? You do. Don't you! How can you believe...." and then he went off for another twenty minutes and eventually he ended up telling us that he wasn't ready to come back to church. Sister Jesperson and I were praying with all our hearts trying to know what to say to this man and I have to admit I felt very hopeless and lost and sad that he was not coming back. Well, here is when the Lord answers our prayers.  He gets up and starts dabbling with things in the Kitchen and his daughter turns to us and says "well, he may not be interested but I am!"  WOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!! What just happened?!! Yeah that was about how I felt inside. Sister Jesperson bore a very beautiful testimony and we set up a return appointment to come back. It was sooo cool. After the man left, his wife and daughter explained that they think we have a good influence and that we need to come around more so that he cannot be as crazy anymore. The Lord works in mysterious ways. We are being blessed.
We will keep y'all posted on Stacey...that is her name. We are teaching her tonight. she is 23. I am excited. Yesterday was beautiful as well. It was a huge tender mercy. It was Stake Conference so I got to see all the people from the Bulverede area that I have just been moved out of. I reunited with the Lee family. Katherine ran and hugged me and almost knocked me over and started crying. Oh man it was so beautiful. So many beautiful people that I hold so dear to my heart are in that area and in my current area I truly am at a loss as to how I can possibly ever leave them. I love them so much.
I got my package Mom. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME FAMILY. I heard from Mary too! That was a sweet treat! I just have such an awesome support system. Thanks y'all so much. Thanks y'all for bein the best. I miss y'all so much. Love y'all  forever!

Hna. Sorensen

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