The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sarah Cate: Entonces...

Well what to say...This week was just another week. Same work. Same message. same same. everything is the same. Sorry, no miraculous baptisms this week. Just more of the same. My companion is sick. I feel bad. I need to be a better trainer but i find that i truly just do not want to communicate. I just want my companions to read my mind! Why do I only want to communicate with strangers? I don't understand it. I'm trying out some new Christ-like attributes so I hope that it will help me be a better communicator.
I played my violin yesterday in church. It was a duet with one of the young women in our ward here. She is pretty good. It was fun but it made me think about Libbi all day. Church is so stressful on the mission. I wish it could be the day of rest that it is everywhere else. OH well. We did have one of our investigators at church...unfortunately, I believe it was only to hear me play my violin. I am praying the spirit touched her heart. It was a long meeting but the messages were nice.
We had a neat miracle this week. We have been having a hard time finding a productive activity and place to spend our time during the evening hours because many people go to sleep early in this area. We decided to knock in an area but the reception was bad and so we left and were driving to another part of our area when we saw a kid in the gutter with his head in between his legs and looked very distraught. I immediately felt the need to talk to this boy. I pulled over the car around the block and we walked up to this kid and started talking to him. He was young and in college. The more he started talking, the more you could feel him open up. He said he was atheist and that God did not play a major role in his life. I started asking more questions and he is a music composition major at  U of TX. We were able to talk about music and God and how they are manifestations of each other. We ended up leaving him with a Book of Mormon and he was really excited to read it. We have no idea where he lives or what his name is but we left feeling like we had done exactly what the Good Lord wanted us to do at that moment. He didn't tell us but we got the feeling that he had a pretty hard day. When we asked why he was out there he said "I don't know. I just felt like I needed to take a walk and stop right where I did" -- The Lord put him in our lives as a huge tender mercy that day. He was a miracle. We pray for him every day and hope that maybe we can find him again. Just when we feel like giving up. God extends his hand and shows us that he is involved in our lives. Don't y'all forget it.
I love y'all very much. Don't y'all forget that neither! :)

Hna. Sorensen

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