The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Libbi: A mission, Brasil and a show!

Dear Everyone,
 How are you all doing? This week was funny...I laughed a lot. It seem like everyday something ridiculous happened and all you can do is laugh. You know Murphy´s Law, well I think it is 1000x stronger on the mission. You truly experience everything.  That is why you grow so much. I am for sure learning a ton. I continue to make mistakes in Portuguese everyday. I asked a little girl if she was on fire instead of asking her how was her day off from school (fogo is fire foga is day off)...I am learning and loved getting all the letters from Conference from the Christensens! I love you all so much! You are the greatest family ever seriously!

So the shows this week...basically everyday we walked on the street we had a new and funny experience. I had a man do magic.  He just started walking next to us doing this magic show and spoke a few phrases in Spanish and then he was gone hahaha.  We had a man surfing on his motorcycle for us and then popping wheelies and then he was gone without a, "Oi" ... nada...  Then we had a man singing Katie Perry- "Firework" full-voice in his house as we passed by...oh I love Brasil! So, we had so many possibilities this week but as we marked times to pass by conveniently everyone `wasn´t home`oh and one person was walking around in their house blasting the TV and suddenly when we clapped in front of their house...abandoned...hahaha.  Oh these wonderfully kind people that don´t have the courage to say they don´t want to change or don´t have time for the life-changing message. I love the work. I love my companion... We will have success this week. We are working with a man named Patrici but we have a hard time teaching a lesson because he has a lot to teach us also. But, I continue to learn and grow here. I love you all and have a wonderful week of joy for all you are blessed with!

com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

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