The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Libbi: My bags are packed and I´m headed back to the south!

Wow...well, this week guess who came down with dengue fever? My companion! Yeah I think we have infected mosquitoes close to our house because all this week she was sick and starting yesterday Sister Nascimento and Sister Morias (the other sisters I live with)also started to have the same symptoms. Good is pretty much an epidemic here in our area. What´s worse is that the doctor that treats people here in the public clinics also got Dengue....there were more than 70 people waited to be treated in the emergency room by a nurse and not even 1 doctor was available. Anyway, lucky us in Cuiabá we have all 4 kinds of Dengue fever, one of the only states in Brazil to have all the different lucky are we?! haha no, that was our week....but know that I´m healthy and happy and working and also we had transfers. 
 After 6 months of calling industriario my home I will head back to the area just on the other side of the mission to the south in Campo Grande where I started my mission. I´m excited because they share the same ward building so I will get to see some of my friends in Julio de Castilho. I´m not going to lie, I am REALLY excited for the change. After 4 transfer here in this small area it will be fun to learn and grow in a huge area where I know I will walk a ton!  I will be companions with Sister Aires who has 7 or 8 months out here and she is from the state of Fortaleza, Brazil and I will be living with Sister Morais (my old comp.) and Sister Chatwin who was in the MTC with me. I´m super excited. New places, new people, and tons and tons to learn.
 This week I studied a lot in the scriptures about light....about how `you are the light of the world`, about how also our Savior Jesus Christ is constantly referred to as á light´and also the story of the brother of Jared and the significance of light in their travels across the great waters. I know that we can be light in the darkness. A beaming example to the world and shine brightly in the sadness and injustice with the glorified and perfect Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is our Savior! This is His work! I´m so happy we have light in our lives. Each one of you is a light to me! Keep shining! I love you! CTR and have a great week being an example of goodness and truth to all!
 com amor,
Sister l. Sorensen 

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