The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sarah Cate: Austin Time

Dear Family and y'all,
This week was good. And its going by so fast. We got transfer calls last night...........I'M STAYING IN BARTON CREEK FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER 6 WEEKS. What a blessing. We have a baptism of Jewels Bland this weekend. She is so tender. She is so excited and her parents are bringing lots of people so that is really really cool. There is a lot of good work going on here. We were told that we were good missionaries by someone in the ward and that makes me happy because that means that we have the trust of the members of the Ward. We  are
having lots of fun too. Its a good balance. We (my comp. and I) are still trying to get used to each other but its coming. We are super excited because we are teaching a beautiful family. It's a mom (Pharol) and her two children Asa who is 11 and Chloe who is 13. They are so beautiful. Chloe doesn't think very highly of herself. Its really interesting how the Lord works. I thought I really could scoot by my mission without having to address this issue within myself. It's been
kind of ugly looking and facing this part of my life. It's not something you like to look at and expose about yourself but y'all already know. I now know too. Thanks to Chloe, I am truly becoming better at loving me. I have to thank my Comp. too. We are teaching each other a lot. It's really weird being on a mission this long because "real life" is not real. Utah doesn't exist. Pants are a thing of another life. I wish I knew how to better articulate this feeling. It's bizarre. But, this is the real life.
Its always nice to receive letters. I got a sAWEEEEEEEEET letter from Jimmy. It was awesome to hear from him and get an update on what is going on. I also heard from Wilson! Yeaaah random! I have no idea where that came from but it was awesome none the less. Both of those
guys have been up to crazy things in their lives. Is it bad that I want to work to travel? I don't know what brought up all these random thoughts but oh well. Now they are out there for everyone to
experience. The dynamic of the mission is going to change again this transfer. We have a lot of people that are beautiful going home. I am doing better with this change though. I am still quite terrible with change but I am getting better. I am trying.
Thanks y'all for keepin in touch. Thanks mommy for your e-mail. I'm sorry about y'all and the Kelly funeral. I truly am sorry. It sounds like a lot has changed since I left. booya. Yeah for more changes. Jane M. left for Korea again. Everyone here loves her! She is so beautiful. I was sad to say good bye but because it was like a bit of home. Have fun
MEG IN DISNEYLAND! --and thank you so much for your letters in English AND Spanish! Your Spanish is almost better than
mine! keep up the good work so you can teach me how to speak it when I get back OK? I really love y'all so much. I really love y'all more than words.
Y'all are beautiful. life is good. Don't ever forget how much I love y'all.

Hna. Sorensen

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