The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, January 13, 2012

Libbi: HAPPY 2012!!!!

Wow...alright....another week has passed and here we go into another year. Whoa 2011 passed by fast and it is even more strange that the majority of this year I spent on the mission...time flies when your having fun. I´m glad to hear that everyone had a great new year and that Ben and Rae are still alive because I feel like it has been decades since I have heard anything about them or from them...haha just joking I hope all is well with you guys and loved to hear that Pete had a chance to pay you a visit there in the north.

DAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My companion had to restrain me as we passed the orelhão because now I know how easy it is to call! hahaha but really I thought of you on your birthday and I´m sorry that I wasn´t there to give you a big hug but it is included in this e-mail...this I do know how to send (unlike photos...I don´t know what the deal is but i think the computers are too slow...) But I love you and I wish you happiness in this year to come...that goes for everyone!

We keep working here in Industriario...Sister Morais and I and Sister Nascimento and Sister de Oliveira started out the transfer right with a baptism. We helped them with the logistics and we keep searching and praying for more people to teach. It was a bit of a heart break when Sidney, Cleonise, and Janina said they would come to church and never showed up...but I have faith that we will continue to have success here and find the people here already prepared to hear this message.

I have been saying the word moça wrong my whole mission...I thought it was Almoça but when I said sounds like almoço which is lunch....I´m calling every young woman (moça) in Brasil lunch! But now I can also share the wonderful process of my companion learning English...we learned the word "people" should not be confused with "poo poo." I laughed pretty hard. There is always more to be learned and I´m loving the stretching process here in industriario. I love you all and wish you a happy new year and pray always for your success. I´m so grateful for your examples and prayers. I feel them and I admire each and everyone of you! Don´t forget it!

com amor,
Sister Sorensen

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