The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sarah Cate: Mucho Mas Bueno...

Dearest family and friends,
Wow. What a drama-fest. Why oh why must my emotions always become so developed on my mission? No se people no se! Entoneses, well training for my second but actually first week of working was.....interesting. I have been doing  all that I know how to do but my trainee is just  a
little fireball and was like? is this it? I was like uhhhhh oh OK........what do I do.....i felt very stupid and inadequate (surprise surprise) as her trainer. New years was kind of a harder day but we
had two amazing first lessons! One with Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaahooooooooo!!! Larry is the snake charmer that i hope i told y'all about. It is just beautiful. Its Larry and his daughter Mandy. His wife is a Recent Convert of about 9 years. She never went back after she was baptized so we are trying to teach the whole family again!! Slowly but surely they will come. Keep praying for the Lawrence family! I love them sooooooooooo much.
We also had a miracle happen yesterday. During church yesterday my companion was pulled out of the room and i was talking to a Less Active member ( who came to church for his second week in a row!!!!!) and all of a sudden she was gone and then i didn't know what to do. She all of a sudden appeared and told me she needed to talk to me in a very urgent tone. I walked out in the hall and she told me that she just talked to a little girl who said to her that she wants to be
baptized. I said well where is she? Who is she. I guess she is a friend of someone in the church and we talked to her after church a bit about her background. She is 11 years old and she likes this church and said "I need to do the member thing" and so we explained that we need to talk to her parents and she said OK. I can talk to them too. Well, I guess she did because we got a call from her friend's parents that told us that she told her mom she wanted to be baptized and he mom's response was "I thought that you would want to do that sometime soon. So what time is y'all's church? I want to come this Sunday!" aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! We
are going over to a member's house tonight to eat dinner with this girl's whole family and talk to them about the gospel and baptism and about being together as a family and we are having FHE there too!!!  hhhhhhooooooowwwww coool is that?! God is great people. He loves us.
He is aware of us, even a little 11 year old girl that loves Jesus Christ so much that she knows and leads the way for her parents to come unto Christ. Wow i am soooo blessed.
My comp and I are bangarang. She is my clone....but cooler. She can cook and draw like nobody's business. She is amazing. Her name is Alex Probert. She has two older siblings : an older brother who has cerebral palsy  (wow sound that out I don't know how to spell) and
an older sister. She and I are so similar that its been an adjustment working and we've had an interesting time working it all out but we work well together and I know we are going to do amazing things in this area. I am blessed. God is amazing.
I love y'all so very much. I miss y'all too! Keep flossing and choosing
the right.

Hna. Sc Sorensen

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