The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sarah Cate: Time goes by so fast and slow...

Alright family and friends,

Where to begin and go to....well .......we just had some more cool things happen. Nothing too crazy but I did walk into a room here in Texas
and someone said "hey I know you." and I had never before seen her face. She said "yes! I know you. Are your parents Steve and Wendy?!!" and I went....."uuuhhhh wow. Yeah. How did you know that" and she said "because you look exactly like your dad! I recognized you from across the room." and dad are infamous. Ooohh and my grandparents because we got to talking and not only did she tell me that she went to high school with y'all but that she was baptized by Gus my own grandpa!!! Thank you Gussy for sharing some of your amazing birthday luck with me this past week! I hope you have a beautiful birthday by the way! I am just so impressed with how small the world is.
I had some amazing chocolate cake last night from the family that I told y'all about when I talked about President and Sister Sorensen on their mission. --yeah that family, the Beards. It's usually reserved for Fast Sundays only but they knew I was coming and they knew how much I L-O-V-E THIS CAKE and they made it for us!!!! Yahoooo thank you tender mercies. Many of my tender mercies this week came in the form of food. I wasn't expecting it to be that way but it just seemed like when I was feeling down or something went crazy, there was always some form of food that really just filled a void. hahaha Yes, it's true, this week, my eating habits were terrible but I will do the things I need to in order to be healthy. No worries.
We had a crazy experience with a member this last week. But its pretty negative and i don't want to re-live a lot of it. The majority of the members in this ward are so amazing. It was quite bizarre. I was not expecting it but I feel like I'm in my home ward. Not that there are people that remind me of home but everyone loves us so much and I feel so comfortable with everyone that I feel like I am home. I also am truly in love with the city of Austin.
Mom, your prayers and fasting have been answered. I SAW YI CHING THIS PAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEAUTIFUL. It was a great blessing. We ended up going over there on Saturday. it was really amazing how much Max has grown. He is HUGE! His legs are like grasshopper legs. He has hair! He has teeth!! It was just so crazy. Her baby was born back in November and his name is
Oliver. He goes by Oli for short. She still has her two white doggies: Archie and Lulu. Will was out of town touring in Arizona for the day. HE TEACHES AT UT (University of Texas)!!! I am totally coming down here to go to school. I love Austin so much and it was like icing on the cake when I found out he teaches here! They are moving next month out of my area. I am hoping that we get a chance to help them with their move. Then maybe they could make some friends with people in the ward. We'll see though. She explained what happened and why she left and why Will left Utah State. Wow, the University was so ugly towards them. I am really sad about that. I almost don't want to support them at all. It was sad and she gave me an update on everyone..or at least  the people that she knew of. Everyone is having a baby that went to school with me. Gross. Wow, life still goes on when your not on your mission?! haha I'm kidding.  That was a very self-centered thought. It was pretty crazy. I gave her a quick update on what I knew of the family. She told me that y'all every now and again pocket dial her. SAD!  Maybe y'all should call her for reals? She is so beautiful inside and out. I got a chance to thank her for my gift of the Violin and how she has helped me on my mission. It was really neat. I hope she recognized the
change. I am hoping that we'll see her sooner rather than later because I might get transferred at the beginning of Feb. I'll find out next week....baaaahhhhhh!
Time goes by so fast and slow. Its weird. My heart goes out to Car Car. I miss her. I know she is doing amazing work. Her heart is probably breaking with how fast time is going. OH yikes. I don't even want to think about it. It makes me want to cry. I'm sorry family I am just going to be weird when I get back. OH well. I've got LOTS of time. :)
Well, life is beautiful y'all. Don't forget that. I love y'all. Stay safe and keep up the amazing work. I love y'all so much.

Hna. Sorensen

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