The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Libbi: And so it goes...and so it goes...

Hey fam and friend,
 So, this week had its highs and lows...We found some new people to teach but all the people ready and willing need to be legally married first. The process is expensive and lots of paper work here in Cuiabá and so it is a bit of a set back when our goal is to baptize weekly. But we push on. The other sister in our area had another baptism this week and so the work is a success here and we keep pushing to find more people to teach. We discovered that our recent-convert Mariele moved but I think she still lives in our area so we are trying to locate her but she is distancing herself from is a bit sad. We push on. We are teaching this family of Carliene and there is an amazing spirit with them. I´m super excited. Better yet, I think their shops that they own will be closed this Sunday so they can come to church!
  This week we had a few crazies....a woman that contacted us in a bar and said that an evil spirit is making her sleep with many men...she said she needed lots of prayers. We planned to pass by her house but only found strange people waiting out front...then the other sisters contacted her also and she said that she is schizophrenic but to pass by and share a message about Jesus with her. OH my goodness...good stuff. Also discovered a man that was filming me as I walk by...a little scared but what can you do? I continue to work on my Portuguese as I supply all the humor in our house with my attempts.
 We had 2 days of splits and I was companion with Sister De Oliveira who has been on the mission for 5 months. She is super funny and we have already lived together for almost 3 months now so it wasn´t crazy different to teach and work together. I learned a lot this week about how we constantly need to be bettering ourselves and always accept suggestions about how we can change and be better. Always be teachable and believe that others are trying to help you to be better also. My personality fights this way of thinking a lot but I know that as I practice I will learn humility. We also had a training with the President Oliveira this week and made 7 goals for our zone as we discussed the bathing 7 washings of Naamã in the Jordan river (don´t remember his name in English..Naman?) but the story is in 2nd kings chapter 5. I really love this story of faith and how appropriate with this new year and time of goal setting. I challenge everyone to read this story and decide 7 goals for this year...7 ways you can cleanse yourself of sin and change for the better!
  I now have 8 months on the mission and I can´t even believe passes so fast. I can´t believe how much I have learned in this time here in Brasil. Don´t waste one day of the life you're given and more important...share the joy of the restored Gospel with all! Everyone´s a missionary! Share what you know to be true and what makes you happy! Have a wonderful week! I love love love you and thrive in your success and prayers! Thanks you!

com amor,
Sister Sorensen (Libbi)

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