The Sisters

The Sisters

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sarah Cate: I love my "sisters" more than they will ever know!

Alright family are you ready for this?
Remember the miracles of this last week?......SATAN TOTALLY KNEW IT TOO!! yeah that big bully came and really attacked us this week. Remember how i have never had a problem with allergies before in my life? Yeah well the pollen here, just like everything in Texas, is bigger and better and fights like a crazy dog! Both my companion and I had itchy noses, eyes, and throats and sneezed about- 40-50 times a day. It was crazy but we have suuuuuuper sweet people here in Texas that took care of us and gave us some allergy medicine. Since the winter and summer was so dry this year I guess the pollen is really bad.
IT seemed as though as soon as I announced to y'all of the amazing miracles that had happened, truly EVERYTHING fell through and it was very sad. My comp and I resolved to work that much harder and so we went out but with the allergies, it was like getting punched in the face every time we tried to find people. Heavenly Father is so kind and patient with us and was truly aware of us this past week because we continue to see miracles amongst the opposition.
We taught Lorriane and her boyfriend about two weeks ago and this last week Lorraine tried to cancel her appointment but we wouldn't let her. We then met with her and she LOVES  this gospel. She is  bringing her boyfriend to church with her next week. We are meeting with both of
them this week. His name is Pete. Please keep Pete and Lorraine in y'alls prayers. We are also teaching Jewels and her mother, Angela. (Jewels is the girl who wants to be baptized). They got a hold of some anti material this past week and really kind of disappeared for a while. We finally got a call from Jewels on Sunday and she was crying and said that she wants to be a member of our church so bad and she wants to be baptized!! We talked to her mom, Angela and she too started crying and let us know of some of the truly horrific things that have happened to Angela and Jewels in their life. I cannot believe it. Please keep them in y'alls prayers as well. I don't think I've ever heard of so many sad things happening to people than I have in this past week of my mission. I know God loves us so much its just so sad and hard for me to believe that we can be so ugly to one another. Please try this week to love each other a little more every day. I've often tried to explain it to my companions about how I feel and the closest I can get to is the Character in "The Secret Life of Bees"---what is the daughters name that is kind of crazy and has the wall that she puts papers in it?---mom you know this. Its like Meg or Lil or something like that. That is useless information but there you go.
Well President and Sister Sorensen (Gus and Susu) I have a story for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited because last night I was over at one of our member's houses and we were talking about funny family experiences and she shared this one with us. When sister Beard was pregnant with her third child, they lived in Houston and guess who got called to go to the Houston mission? Well her little brother of course and guess who was the mission president? Well, NONE OTHER THAN MY GRANDPARENTS OF COURSE. Well, they said that for a long time they asked the mission president if they could have their brother there for the baby blessing because all the family would be there and the President for about 4 months told the missionary, Elder Matthew Scott Lenard (went by M. Scott Lenard), that he needed to wait and "I'll get back to you." Finally when it was about a week before the sacrament meeting, President Sorensen called this Elder and told him that he could go and not only that, but that he was being transferred to their area where in Brother Beard (the man in my ward now) was the Ward Mission Leader!! Sister Beard went on and on in the story and would periodically stop and say "oh I just love your Grandparents so much!!"  It was such a beautiful story and I was sooooo excited to let y'all know that you never know how far reaching y'alls influence will be felt. They said y'all would remember Elder Lenard because he had a brain condition and they were soooo grateful that President Sorensen had expertise in that field. He was there in June of 2000 in the Wide Oak ward.
I just knew y'all would enjoy that story. Thanks for being amazing examples to me on my mission. I love y'all so much. Thanks y'all for all y'alls example. God loves each of us as individuals. He is aware of us. Don't ever forget that. I love y'all so much.
Thanks y'all for your love and support. I am blessed. I have the best family and the best life in the world. Love y'all. Don't ever forget that!!

Hna. Sarah Cate Sorensen

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