The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Libbi: My Mommy loves me! She literally game me the shoes off her feet!

Hey family friends and fellow readers of internet blogs!
 Another week has passed here in the eternal sun of Cuiabá....I think I have forgotten the feeling of being cold..oh wait just when I enter in air conditioned buildings....the sun continues to shine here in Cuiabá and my poor very white skin continues to darken....Thanks to the AWESOME!!! package that I received from by beloved mother I now have CHACOS that work and don´t allow water to enter the sole. I also tried a variety of new styles of clothing particularly blouses and thanks to the hot sun and my naturally transparent skin...I got a bit sun burned on the front and back of my neck...good stuff...thanks Cuiabá :) But, yeah, this week was another wonderful week of work and seed planting. The other Sisters in this area baptized a man named Nelson this week and thanks to the splits we did last week I had a chance to teach him. I´m really happy and excited for their success. We continue to push on and teach and invite...unfortunately all we can do is invite people and the rest is up to them!
This week we taught, we laughed, we marveled at the things that only happen here on the mission and then laughed some more. Norma continues to progress but still has not made plans to get married. She comes to church and they are praying as a family but the talk about marriage and baptism is getting cold. I love that family and it is amazing to see the transformation that occurs with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. It is amazing that all we do is teach what to do and the spirit and person do the rest to make changes and come unto Christ.
I love Brazil. I love stretching and learning everyday. I love this language and culture. I love the purpose I have in my life and the plan that God created for all of his children! He LOVES US! EVERYONE! He sent his first born son to die for us because He really loved us that much! He want us to return.  He longs for us to speak with him and He provides every way to get back to Him! I love this Gospel it's perfectly wonderful. Never forget your roots, your priorities and what is right! Happy Birthday Grandpa GUS! I hope it is wonderful! Have a week of happiness and righteousness!

com amor,
Sister Sorensen

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