The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Libbi: Its good hard.....

Well...hey fam and all...

We finished the transfer with what we thought would be a wonderful baptism. Sebastião would complete the family and help the less active wife and sons to return to church...we taught him all week long and then Saturday arrived. We planned the interview and cleaned the baptismal font. (we have a problem with the drain so we pull out all the water with buckets and wash and re-fill) But everything was prepared...well everything went wrong but in the end there was peace. The water ran out in the chapel but we used a pump and a hose to fill the font again. Everything ready, we made a cake and invited everyone... and then the hour arrived.....we waited and waited...we thought oh we will pass by and pick him up. We arrived at his house and he was just sitting there relaxed....oh no. He said, lets put it off for another day... apparently he had already said this to other missionaries. Broke my heart in two....we testified and conversed but he would not go. After all this...with blisters on my hands from the buckets upon buckets of water....he did not enter the door to enter the Kingdom of God. It was a bit tough....not because he rejected me but because he rejected Christ...and the wonderfully perfect plan our Father in Heaven has for us! He is afraid to change and live a healthier and happier life!
 That was the big push this week...and the big disappointment but we push on. We found out about transfers yesterday and I will be staying here. My new comp. is Sister Ferreira from Sao Paulo and I am excited and ready to continue working and pushing on in this area. I have learned so much with Sister Morais and love her so much...she will be opening another area for sisters on the other side of Cuiabá. I´m excited for her and the challenge she will undertake. I love to learn. I love my mission. I love Brasil. My heart is planted here with these people and this language and the beauty that God gives each of us everyday. WE ARE BLESSED! Don´t EVER forget it! I feel your prayers and thoughts and can´t thank you all enough! Have a wonderfully productive and happy week! I love you all!

com muito amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen
Libbi and friends in Industriaria, Cuiaba, Brasil

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