The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sarah Cate: Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!

Alright. Here we go. We have a short e-mail this week. Life is good. OH MY GOODNESS IT'S SARAH'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! I HOPE IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND IT'S JUST ALL YOU COULD HAVE HOPED AND DREAMED. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEGGERS TOOO!!!!! I HOPE SHE HAS AN AWESOME "RESTFUL" DAY because it sounds like she has just been going a million miles an hour. Please don't allow her to be so programed. The poor thing probably needs some time to think about herself. She is going through lots of changes right now.
Life here is still just a constant work. I got annoyed with some Elders this week and ended up yelling at them and punching one of them in the face. Yeah pretty violent. He didn't tell President so its all good. JUST KIDDING!@ Yeah right like I would be capable of something
like that. Well for reals, this week was nice because we had an investigator set up his own appointments with us. It was a beautiful surprise. We are looking forward to Valentines day because for service this week we are volunteering at a Senior Care facility and they are having, wait for it.........A DANCE! --DJ AND ALL!!! Oh man I can not wait for this memory. I feel it will be a special one that I will want to re-create for years to come. Ooohhh the beauty in each moment. Don't worry I will take some pictures.
 I have gone through some interesting times with this companion. She is truly an amazing missionary. She gets discouraged easily. That makes me sad but we are working on it. In the last transfer I have been able to understand my previous companions so much more. I understand probably what Sister Deleon was feeling when she was training me. It was probably worse for her because I didn't know ANYTHING and I was such a punk. I do think I understand how she must of felt when I made her deal with all these problems and think about home and stuff. My comp. wants to talk about problems and frustrations and feelings a lot. It's really hard because I really don't like talking about REAL feelings. I have dealt with some things though that I haven't wanted to deal with for a while so it is beneficial.  It's just an interesting perspective. I really love her its just interesting. She is new. I feel old around her. I don't like that. I AM NOT OLD!!! haha I refuse! Anyways, I have talked a lot about me.
The weather here has been interesting. I guess a few days ago we had a day that we were colder than y'all!!! whaaaaaaa?!!! It  sleeted/snowed for about 3 seconds on Sunday. People left church meetings to see it. hahahahahaahahaha ooohhh the funniness of Texas. I guess this is the worst it gets and soon it will warm back up again. ooooohhh boy. here we go again :) 
 I am so happy I am on a mission. I love it so much. If anyone is worried about where they go on your mission, I want y'all to pick the place that you would never think to go and then when y'all get called there, realize that YOU WILL LOVE IT. Y'ALL WILL LOVE YOUR MISSION because IT IS YOURS! There are flowers regardless of the season. There are beautiful people regardless of the place. You choose if y'all want to see them or not. Y'all choose if life is happy or sad. Surround yourself with positive people. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Be happy. Choose it. It comes from within with that choice. People will be ugly to y'all no matter where you go. Y'all choose how y'all want to react. We ALL have Divine potential. Apply that to the bully at school. The impolite guy at work. The family member that wants to be hateful. God loves them just as much as he loves you. I really just needed that rant more than y'all. Sometimes people love to be ugly. Kill them with kindness. :)
 I really love y'all so very much. Keep Larry Lowrance and Pharol Wheeler and her family in y'alls prayers please. Thanks y'all for y'alls prayers already. Y'all are beautiful. Keep on keepin on.  Read y'alls scriptures. Pray. please pray. God helps. He is in the details. Don't forget that y'all have someone in Texas that really loves y'all!!!!!!!!!

hna. Sorensen

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