The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sarah Cate: Hi y'all!

Wow what a week. Well, we have been taking this place by storm. We have seen so many miracles. It's not that we have seen mountains move but that God has humbled so many of his children. I have never had so many people tell me how much help they need and I have never felt so completely helpless. Much of it is financial help. Yes, even being in one of the richest places in the mission, you still find people who are struggling. Just goes to show that you can never judge the person on either side of you. Trials are not selective. They are for everyone. Luckily we have the gospel that is equally as universal. I had a grown man look in my eyes this week and start to cry because he was so tired. He was tired of working crazy hours and feeling alone in this world. He was tired of feeling separated from his family and from God. He just wanted a break and that was something I couldn't give him. All I could help him do was to pray. It was so humbling. I felt in him a reflection of myself. I felt a reflection of my family and I thought of how my parents must feel. I thought about how I will feel when I am in his shoes. I felt in that moment that so many of us are tired. So many people work all day and all night and still it doesn't seem to make ends meet. Still the money isn't enough. Still there are children that are hungry. Our dear sweet Pharol wants to resort to prostitution so that she will not lose her house. She is sick. Her kids are sick. It is so hard not being able to help in that way. I truly know that this message will help them with those things but its hard to help them see beyond the truly basic necessities.
 A woman told me last week that I have a blue aura. She said she didn't know what that meant but that wherever I go, the lights get brighter. That made me happy. Even though she is crazy, that made me happy.  well I don't have much time left but I do love y'all very much.

On Saturday, I watched as a girl of just 11 years of age decided to enter the waters of baptism. She is all alone in her family. No one else is doing it. She said to her mom this past week, " mom, you know that this is for real. You are gonna have to take me to church." She gets it. She understands the importance of it. We are to become as little children because children believe. They recognize. They have not suppressed their light of Christ so much that they can no longer recognize it. After she came out of the font and we were helping her, I gave her a hug and asked, "How do you feel jewels?"  and she said "AWESOME! THAT WAS SWEET!"  She would not stop smiling all day. Jewels has had horrific things happen to her in her life. She has had to grow up a lot in just a short time but that has not stopped her from recognizing the spirit. Angela, her mother, came to her baptism. She couldn't stop crying the whole time. She explained that Jewels is a completely changed person. Jewels used to be depressed and hated going around others but since she has been with us, she is happy. Angela after it all was over came up to us and told us that she had just found out Saturday morning that she has breast cancer for the second time. She told us that she has decided that she is tired and doesn't want to fight anymore. She has decided that she is not going to do anything. She said, "I want to go live with Jesus because I've heard so much about him and I want to know him" I couldn't help but give her a big hug. She broke down and sobbed and told us that she was so happy because she knew Jewels was taken care of. She knew that Jewels was going to be fine. She said she felt at peace. As we left the chapel she asked us to look after Jewels for her and to take care of her....
 Angela came to church the next day and loved it. She said she was coming next week. It is a miracle. I will choose to see the rose amongst the thorns. I will swim rather than sink. I will smile though my heart is aching. Smile even though it's breaking. God is great. Life is not fair but God is. He will make things right. Every day I can see that I am becoming a different person. I am so happy. I am happy because I have helped others and because I have worked hard and had faith in miracles. I am tired because I believe Christ. I think we need to be tired when we believe Christ. Because when we actually believe him, we will actually apply his teachings and be the disciples we know we should be. I have learned so much about myself and the way I deal with people and what kind of person I want to be. I just hope I never forget. I hope I never stop working to become better. I know I will never reach perfection in this life but that's OK because we are not supposed to be perfect. We need our imperfections to remind us to believe Christ. To truly believe Him when he tells us to follow him. To truly apply ourselves when he calls us. To achieve any sort of potential. 
 Wow well I just went off on y'all. Sorry. I just love to rant I guess. I love to think about the greatness and the grand scheme of things. The master planning that went into it all. I will be better by the time we talk next week. Miracles do happen. God is the same God of miracles. He will continue to bless us with them. If we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Keep choosing the right and keeping the commandments. Never forget the power of love. See people the way God sees them. Love the journey. Share your testimony with someone this week. Change a life - starting with a smile. 

Love y'all con todo mi corazon.

Hna. Sorensen
ps: I got some "interesting" information from Sisters DeLeon and Larsen...yeah right! (secret message)

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