The Sisters

The Sisters

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Libbi: 9 months and 9 to go!!!!

So, this week was like a new beginning. We are trying desperately to find more people to teach and especially people that want to know the truth and are ready to make the changes necessary to follow Jesus Christ. I like my new companion Sister Fereirra. She is from São Paulo and studied Education before the mission. She will celebrate 1 year on the mission this week! Its cool because this week I also celebrated 9 months! The middle of the mission! Whoa...time flies so fast. It feels like the mission is still really new to me because I´m constantly in a state of growth and learning here...but when I look back on the memories and people it feels like a lifetime I have had here in Brasil. I love it here. I love my mission. I love being able to bring this joyful message to the people here in Industraio. I am blessed to have this opportunity.

This week was a week of assessment. We had a wonderful training with our President and we talk about our purpose and why Baptism is the key point to our purpose; how it is a crucial point and the first step to return to our Heavenly Father. As always, I continue to learn more things that I can do better.  I continue to gain courage and strength to invite everyone I see to come unto Christ and receive the blessing of the Restored Gospel! WHAT AN AWESOME WORK THIS IS!!!! I love it. I love what I am because of it. There is nothing better I could be doing right now than telling about what makes me eternally happy!

I know it like I know my dad´s name is Stephen....It is real. It is happy. The Atonement of Jesus Christ has the power to heal and cure and gladden everyone that remembers our Savior and asks for forgiveness. I love this plan and I love all of you that have helped me to understand and grow as a person! have a wonderful week and remember what is really important always!
com amor,
Sister (Libbi) Sorensen
Sister Sorensen and her zone in Cuiaba

PS: I love you just know it and never forget it!   Happy Valentines

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