The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarah Cate: Texas-Size Hugs

Well my pretty family and friends,
...there are no words. For about the past two weeks I have been in another funk. Life just was kind of blah and I couldn't figure out why. I could see the hand of God in so many things I was doing. Well, we had Zone conference this past week and man....nothing like a good kick in the pants and rebuking by the Spirit to help you improve. It was kind of the lowest point I've been at in a while. I received several promptings by the Spirit of things I can change and in particular, a person I needed to follow up on....I made a note of it in my planner and then moved on. We have been crazy busy for a while now. We are working hard to try to find and teach and help others understand how important salvation is.
 Last week, we found out that Angela had a son...yes. Jewels has a brother. Well, I guess that Angela had re-connected with him a couple years ago. They were all very close. We found out this past week that Angela's son was hit by a car and killed on Valentines Day. Jewels doesn't know about it. I couldn't believe it. Satan is working so hard on this family. It's probably because they have so much potential.
 Our Valentine's celebration at the old folks home was incredible. Man, I just love those people. The dance consisted of us, dancing with people in wheelchairs. We got to spin them in circles and dance around them. There is one gentleman named Sam. Sam liked to dance. He liked to dance outside of his wheel chair and so as a result, he ended up holding onto your hands VERY  tight. haha he doesn't really speak English anymore but he does like to whistle. He got very big eyes and you could tell he knew the songs. The DJ was an English gentleman who did all of the music on vynal....(yeah I don't know how to spell that word.) It was so much fun. 
 I spoke to y'all about Zone conference...well, I made a resolve to change some things that I had been rebuked about. It was hard to articulate how I was feeling because I feel like I have been working so hard on being teachable and direct. It was hard to receive more things that I needed to work on and feel like the things you already were working on were not being recognized. But,  I guess this is the Lords plan and not mine. Like always, I want to control when and how things happen. Ok I'm sorry I'm ranting again. 
 We received several blessings. Truly. So many. So many miracles. Here it goes. We got to go see Julie B. Beck this weekend. Yes, she came to Austin. She was really awesome. She is amazing. I picture that's how Libbi will be in 20 years. She is just solid. She is the perfect balance of boldness with love. She spoke to all the women in Austin. It was neat. We ended up being able to take some of our investigators to the session for YW. It was really sweet. The most incredible miracle happened earlier on Saturday day. we missed a call from a number we didn't know and then all of a sudden we got a voice mail. WOW.  Who could that be? The message said "uhh hi my name is Eric. I am looking for Sister Sorensen. She gave me a Book of Mormon about..well a few months ago and uh yeah I just would like to come to y'all's church tomorrow...I think y'all have services on Sunday? Well anyways give me a call back. Thanks!" ...................................................................................................Uhhhhh WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!        WHAT?!! 
yeah that was about my reaction. This man was none other than the name I had written down in my planner to check up on!!!!! bbbhhhaaaaaaa!! HOw cool is that? What a miracle. Back when I was companions with Sister Jones, I had just been assigned to Barton Creek and we received a stream of media referrals that were pranks. They were not real and the people I talked to were suuuuuper ugly towards me. I was extremely hesitant to contact the last one. Well, the last one didn't answer (this was Eric). We decided to contact him and drop off the Book of Mormon. We decided that if he was gonna say something ugly to us then he would have to have the guts to say it to our faces. :) Well, I talked to him and asked him if we could come in and explain the book that we were giving him and he said "uh no thanks." I tried several other things to try to teach him but no luck. ................. 3 months later!!!!!!!! how cool. God is in the details. Guess what, we had 6 people who were planning on coming to church with us yesterday. Not one showed but Eric. Yeah he is awesome. I asked him what made him call us and he said, "uh yeah I don't know. I just called" Thank you Heavenly Father and the Spirit for working on him  and me. Wow. No effort is wasted ever. You never know what can happen and who needs to be reached and when. We are having a family home evening with Eric this evening in a members home. He said he LOVED ALL THREE HOURS OF CHURCH AND IS COMING BACK NEXT WEEK. -------baptized!!!!!!!  
We also helped move Larry because in the last week, Larry Lowrance decided to move. yeah. What a bully. Well, actually its turned into another miracle. We were able to help Larry move and we got some members at his house to move all 23 of his pythons and critters. It was quite fun. He said he was going to come to church. He didn't show but I think he will. He is awesome. I really love Larry. I've invested a lot in him. He committed to March 16th to be baptized. I think he can do it. He is fantastic. Please pray for him and Pharol and Chloe and Asa and Eric. Please.
 OH man. Beautiful things are happening in Barton Creek. We are so blessed. What a beautiful place. I think I am going to die when I leave this area. President gave me a big compliment the other day when we had our interviews. He said, well, you still have time to fit in another area into your mission and I said...or I could stay here forever? and he said Uh no I don't think so Sister Sorensen. You've loved every area you've been in. I said yes i just got lucky to serve in all the best areas in the mission and he said well you would have said that regardless of where you were put. I need more missionaries like you. Wow. cool. Thanks president. He also told me that on my mission, is not the traditional go on a mission to baptize. My impact on the mission has been everyone that I've come into contact with. Wow. Thanks President. I am blessed. I have the coolest mission President in the world. I have the best mission and My life is the best. Thanks y'all for y'alls support. I truly couldn't do any of this and feel this and experience any of this happiness with out y'all. I miss y'all dearly.

Hmn. Sorensen

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