The Sisters

The Sisters

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Libbi: A=Amor B=Batizmo C=Confirmação

Hey everyone,
 The time is just passing faster and faster everyday...we have officially begun the season of Carnival (for those of you who don´t know, it is pretty much a big party - but it's actually a religious holiday for the Catholic church before they give up all their sins for Lent (conveniently everyone is Catholic during this time of year) ...I would ask you to search it on the Internet but it's probably best you don´t.  Luckily, I´m not serving in Rio de Janeiro where they are not allowed to leave their apartment for 2 it's just a huge drinking fest so for the most part we don´t spend time walking the streets at night. Good stuff. Oh Brasil. It's funny because we had ´feriado` (holidays) for Christmas and new years that continues until Feb. (its difficult because no one is at home and everyone is drinking) and then when all the kids were suppose to go back to school, for some reason they didn´t and now its just after Carnival that they will begin `real life`again...Oh Brasil. But the work continues...
 This week all the teenagers went to youth conference (to save them from Carnival) and they also had a conference for the YSA and people traveling to visit family for Carnival... so yeah, our chapel was like a ghost town. We started to teach a woman this week her name is Tânia...(different Tania, this one doesn´t need to be married..she is single and lives with her brother! what a blessing). She is extremely interested and has already accepted to keep the commandments. Unfortunately, she had a family emergency yesterday and so she didn´t go to church..but I´m hopeful that she will accept a date for baptism this week and come to church this coming Sunday. We are continuing to purge from our lists the people that can´t overcome the is tough because I really love these people and want so badly for them to want to change and realize the goodness of the Gospel and the true joy it brings.
Little by little we chip away at this area and we push on seeking those who want to know the truth! This week I had the privilege to play my violin at the `new beginnings` of the ward Pedra 90. I had never been to that chapel and I didn´t know anyone except the Elders that serve there. It was a wonderful experience...My grandma Susu would be proud. I played and also taught the young woman how to lead music. It was neat to meet more people and serve in this way.
 This experience is making me into a different person...I love it. It's good, hard and I wouldn´t trade it for the world...I love life. I love the mercy of our Lord and his great love for all his children. I love being involved in this wonderful work that brings true and everlasting happiness and eternal joy! I love each and every one of you and I pray for all of you daily. Don´t forget what is important...what you put first shows your desire and priorities. Choose to put our Heavenly Father first and our Savior Jesus Christ. Remember them daily in prayer and scripture study. Love every second of life. Love the experiences good and bad because they all make you better according to your own desire to accept, change, and be better. I love this refining process that is happening in my life. I love this people, this language, this work. I love everyone of you! Have a great week!
 com amor,
Sister Libbi Sorensen

This is me with a member of our ward. 
Her name is Zilda her baby is Valentina...she is so cute :)

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