The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Libbi:The power in a name...

Hey there Family and friends,
Before I I always do. Unlike Carli, who actually has an excuse for not telling you happy birthday... my diligent mother gave me a list of all the birthdays in the fam...sorry,  I have no excuse that I haven´t given more shout outs! I love you all just know that. But Mutti happy birthday! I love you and pray for you daily. Sarah Jane I´m so excited for you and your baptism this week. Liz thanks for the cute Christmas card and I will be writing you guys a letter today. I love you all! The support and love I feel from my family is amazing! I can´t thank you enough! 
This week we pushed it to the max, despite Carnaval we were blessed to be able to teach, meet, and invite many people to partake of the Joy of the restored gospel. We continue however, without a baptism. I have faith that this week we will find more people that really want to make the changes necessary to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. Also, I was blessed with hot water....something very simple but I didn´t realize how much I missed it till I took a shower with hot water for the first time in 3 months! hahaha we are so blessed! It is good to have a reminder of that every once in a while. 
I had a wonderful interview with my president of the mission and I continue to strengthen my testimony of the inspiration of inspired leaders. The organization of the church is perfect and I´m so grateful for the little sacrifice that every member makes to allow this work to continue to grow and bless more of God´s children. 
The title of the e-mail was because of a funny experience I had with a recent convert yesterday. He gave me a piece of paper with his full name written on it and began explaining how his name has power and already saved him from `the darkness of the other side´ (kind of like an Indian medicine man) and wanted me to have it for protection. A strange way to say I want to keep in touch but hahaha gotta love em all! I began to think of my name and was given various experiences this week of the true power and legacy of our names. I have been blessed with a great pioneer heritage (that I have tried to deny, thanks to my pioneer highly-concentrated childhood) but here I have been able to reflect more on the experience and legacy of sacrifice. I watched a film call ´17 Miracles´ it's a little hokey but I feel a powerful spirit every time I reflect on the sacrifice of those who established the early church. I know that like my mother said in a talk she gave more than 500 times....´we draw from wells we didn´t dig and we warm from testimony fires we didn´t light´ I am so grateful for my name and the legacy it holds! 
I love this work. I love my mission. I love how everyday is filled with so much learning if we open our heart to the inspiration of the Spirit. I am blessed...I know it more and more everyday! I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week! 
com amor, 
Sister L. Sorensen


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