The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Libbi: `é como não sentire calor em cuiabá`

Hey there fam,
 We keep working and praying and fasting for success...The work continues...Momma HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you and wish you luck and success with the craziness that is this week. Rae know that I didn´t mean to forget you last week I knew your birthday was on the 2nd I just didn´t write it in the e-mail but I hope it was a wonderful birthday! I am still in shock about the experience that Sarah had meeting President and Sister Clark. I read her e-mail first and I just sobbed here in the Internet Café thinking about how much our Heavenly Father loves us. He gives us these experiences and allows us to connect when we are so very far away...
 The title of my e-mail are lyrics to a very popular song here in Brasil. It is about heartbreak and it talks about all the things that are like heart break....and one of them is `like you don´t feel hot in Cuibá (almost impossible or extremely strange) I am just going off  on what other people have said about this music because I haven´t actually heard it. But, we are on average about 98 degrees here with 80% humidity. We had a bit of rain this week that made it a bit colder only 85-90. I´m pretty sure the weather isn´t the same there. I think I´ve forgotten what it really feels like to be cold.
 Sister Ferreira and I continue to search for new people to teach. We had some highs and lows of the week but in the end...none of the people knew that we worked with came to church. We push on. I know that through the Savior there is always a way back to our Heavenly Father. I´m so grateful for this great plan of mercy! He loves us! every one of us! He wants us ALL to come home....he doesn´t have favorites! Keep doing what you know is right, say your prayers and read your scriptures. Do the little things...The Lord is in the details.
Sister L. Sorensen

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