The Sisters

The Sisters

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sarah Cate: Texas-sized hugs II

Well well well...we meet again family and friends.
Texas is so cool. I am a Texan. LONG LIVE THE ALAMO, REMEMBER THE ALAMO AND KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD. OK those were just thrown in to help me never forget the beauty of the pride that is here. It is so cool. So many good people. I'm not joking though, it is a pretty fantastic place and there are so many beautiful people. I want y'all to meet them but I understand that it is not possible. Texas rocks y'all. Uncle Matt has it right. He knows where it's at.
Not gonna lie, I was having a tough week this week. I have been hugely fighting the conflict inside this past week. I have noticed that with my companions throughout all my mission, I tend not to want to talk about my real feelings. I would rather just swallow it and then think through it rather than talk about it. Well, that is not a very healthy way of dealing with problems. I don't know, I am working on communication. Well I am doing a lot better with it. This week, I regressed a lot. I let a lot of it bottle up. We received a lot of blessings though but it was a battle.  
Remember Angela?! Well we have not been able to get a hold of her and then all of a sudden we felt like we should just stop by after all our plans fell though one day. Well we stopped by and she was B-A-D!!! It was really sad. You could tell that she was in a bad way. Well we went inside and talked to her and she broke down. The poor thing has not had anyone that she could talk to or cry to about any of the craziness of her life. Quick update: Her daughter is Jewels who was baptized at the beginning of this month. Her son died on Feb. 14th. He was hit by a car. Well she went to his funeral and I think it only made things worse. Bless her Heart, we cried with her and we helped her feel love. We prayed with her and she felt better. It was amazing.   
Flash forward to Sunday....ready for the blessings yesterday?!! There were so many I just almost cry when I think back on them. We had 6 people at church who were not members....YEAH READ THEM AND WEEP!!!!!!!! 6 PEOPLE!! Yeah. REady to hear who?! Angela, yeah she stayed for all 3 hours. We had LARRY LOWRANCE COME WITH HIS DAUGHTER WHO HAS NOT BEEN TO CHURCH IN AT LEAST 8 YEARS!!! SHE BROUGHT HER "FIANCE" AND THEIR DAUGHTER!!! We also had our miracle ERic Skapple who LOVES  church and asked us during sacrament meeting what time his baptism was? YEAH HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED PEOPLE!!! It was so cool. We also had a man who was a contractor of a family in the ward. It was just a bangarang day. It was awesome. I just about died with happiness when I saw Larry. he came with a sky blue button up shirt (about the first five buttons unbuttoned) with cargo black pants and some black crocks. I LOVE LARRY LOWRANCE!!!! I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH!! He is so awesome. He is fighting against all the ugliness and evil that is working on him. He looked so good. OH man I was so happy with him. He is working on quitting smoking. He smoked last on Saturday. Keep praying for him. He told someone in church that he was planning on coming back next week. It was just so cool. It was such a blessing. The cherry on top: This is what i just copied and pasted from my e-mail to Libbi. It sums up a tremendous tender mercy that the Lord blessed me with this past week:  
*******----------this is the e-mail-----------
You ready for the blessing of our lives? On Sunday (by the time you read this, a week ago) I got introduced to your........ Mission President's wife in the CTM when you were there. I played my violin in Relief Society and she came up to me with tears in her eyes and said to me (with a Portuguese accent) that she missed her missionaries. She gave me a hug and  then explained that she missed you so much. She said, "oh I love Sister Sorensen. She played so beautifully. Just like you!" She said that she wants to keep in touch with you!!! All I could do was hug her a million times and cry. I felt like for the first time in a long time, I was close to you. It was like I was hugging you! Oh I cried a lot. She then showed me her missionary tag. (she was recently released and her kids are in my ward here. You met her son who is in my ward. He has a very large square head with blond hair and has glasses) --I  don't know if you remember him or not. When she showed me her tag, there was a Brazillian coin attached to the back of it. She said here you are and gave me the coin and said "Now you have part of Brazil and part of your sister with you" I gave her another hug and kissed her on the cheek. She then started crying and said "oh thank you for doing that. People always do that in Brazil and no one does it here in the states." I just about died. I love you so much Libbi. I felt you very close to me yesterday. Thank you for blessing my life and being someone I know I will be with for Eternity. You are my sister forever. I love you more than you can ever know. Thank you for being so amazing. You made your mission President's wife so happy. You are a good missionary. I felt so proud to claim you. I carry the coin with me everywhere so I have you with me always. God is aware of us. He loves you. He loves me. Thank you for blessing my life sister. I miss you and love you more than you will ever understand.
Yeah, how cool is my life? I truly want y'all to know that I know God knows y'all as individuals. He doesn't miss anyone. HE IS IN THE DETAILS. -- On Sunday, I was fasting to have help with my comp and to have help with our investigators and to have Heavenly Father let me know he loves me. God is real. He is aware of us. He loves us. He wants us to be happy. I KNOW this. He doesn't mess around. God DOES have a sense of humor. He wants us to grow. It's not easy but it's a blessing. It's an honor because God knows we can become more. We are better than we think we are. We can always improve but we have to keep perspective. We have to LOVE EVERYONE. God does. Why shouldn't we 
Thanks y'all for bein in my life. I love y'all so much. Mutti---HAPPY B-DAY!!! SARAH JANE!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND WHAT A NEAT THING! YOU ARE SOOOO COOL! YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS SO PROUD OF YOU. man I wish I was gonna be there to see it. Take pictures. I just love y'all so much. Jonathan (Jon) I am so excited for you to baptize Sarah. This is amazing practice for your mission and what a cool prep for your mission. Soak up the feelings and the spirit. Satan is going to try to take away from it by making your life crazy but demand time with the spirit. Take a moment to pray and thank God for the opportunity. It's so neat. Man I just love it. I love it all. Keep being good.  
Y'all are wonderful and blessings in my life. I am jealous of all y'alls fun but don't worry. When I get back, I'm fixin to make us some good times. OH how beautiful life is. Keep choosing the right. Keep enduring to the end. We can do it! Your never alone. God is there. WE have a 4th watch God. He will let us struggle. We are better for it.  
OK I really will finish now. I love y'all so much. I miss you more than you can even imagine. Have a beautiful week. I love y'all. 
Hna. Sc Sorensen  

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