The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sarah Cate: Working in the YSA

Well family,
 I've thought about all that I need to do and I made some goals for myself. I need a job so that I can move back to Texas immediately. haha sorry family. I really love it here. It is my heart.  I can't imagine not being in Texas. 
I will just have to keep on keepin on though because I don't have any other choice. I am trying to be better. I just have to work every day. I love my companion a lot. She is really easy to get along with. She and I have lots of similarities and we are both committed to improving ourselves. I am sad to know that it will end. I am sad to know that the mission does end. uggg. It's just all hitting me right now.
I guess I will tell you of the awesome week that I had. Last week was.....straight up crazy. We have had some major miracles happen in this ward. We have seen investigators come out of nowhere! We are currently working with a few people. I will let you know how they progress. We had an absolutely beautiful day on Saturday. I had previously called my mission President to see if I could go see Larry Lowrance's baptism. it was this past Saturday. Usually he doesn't let people do that but he told me I could go! I was so blessed. I got to play my violin. I got to see the beautiful people of Barton Creek one last time. I was so blessed. Larry was so nervous. It was so tender and you couldn't help but feel the spirit as he was baptized. The talks were perfect the and directly addressed his concerns. I was so blessed to see it. Man I love him and his family so much.
We had to rush back because we had a baptism in our ward. It was of a beautiful 24 year old girl named Jess. She is going to be my best friend for life. She is so funny and has one of the most sincere testimonies. She is rock solid and asked both Sister Pierson and I to speak at her baptism. It was ssuuuuuper intimidating but really beautiful. I played my violin while she was changing. It seems to be the only thing that I do around here that invites the spirit. I wish I could play it better. I can feel my skills really lacking. Oh well. we just keep going.
We have so many blessings and miracles every day here. I am being obedient and studying and reading and especially praying. I don't know....I will just keep working. I'm sorry I haven't written anyone in a really really really long time. Here is my address (I almost forgot):
2104 E. Anderson Ln.
Austin, Tx. 78752
I really do love you a lot.
Hmna. Sorensen

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