The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Libbi: What a wonderful world!

Bom Dia,
This week, as is every week, a week of learning. I had a wonderful zone conference where we talked more about our purpose and searched more in depth section 4 of D&C. It was very insightful. I was able to learn more about my purpose and re-charge my spiritual battery. We hit the ground running this week...but hit a few snags with tons of rain and a companion with a nasty cold. We continue to search for new people to teach and invite everyone to `feast on the words of Christ`
We were able to teach a very special family this week. Their names are Daniel and Elane. Unfortunately, they are not married but have a desire to get married and already knew about eternal marriage and want to be sealed also. They are very special but unfortunately the enemy is always working against this work and they did not come to church this week. I hope that their righteous desires continue to rule their conscience and they can partake of this wonderful gospel. They have great potential. We did not receive permission from Kamile´s Mom for her to be is extremely sad to watch someone with a sincere desire to follow our Savior and is not able to continue progressing. I hope she will continue strong until she is able to become an official member of the church.
I celebrated 10 months on my mission this week. The time continues to pass even faster than ever and yet I feel like I´ve been re-born on my mission. I know that I am different, with all the experiences, all the people, and all the highs and lows I have changed and refined and hopefully become better. I love this Gospel. I know that is true with all my sole. I see and live the difference it makes in a life everyday. I know that Jesus is the Christ, that he suffered for our sins. That he calls everyone of us to follow him and partake of the joy of righteousness. I know we have a prophet that lives with power and authority to receive the will of God and guide this Church. I know the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the words of God written by his chosen prophets. I know these books are true. The can change your life if you let them. Read and ponder the scriptures daily...don´t put off one day repentance and change for the better. Better yourself daily and submit to the will of the Lord. He is perfect and all loving and knows what is best for us all!
I love you all and live for your success! Keep being beacons of light to the world! I will do my best to shine this week!

com amor
Sister L. Sorensen

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