The Sisters

The Sisters

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sarah Cate: Move over...More Changes Coming...

Well here goes nothing.
 I realized my last e-mail was quite emotional. It was real and much seemed very hopeless. The beginning of the week did not actually improve. It got worse. I thought it wasn't possible but it did. It seemed that all the hard work that Sister Probert and I have been working for seemed to be slipping through our fingertips. It was so sad. Investigators that had never missed appointments all of a sudden started to flake. Amazing relationships we had created with Less Active members exploded and almost completely self-destructed. It was shocking how quickly everything was changing. We spent a lot of our spare time on our knees. We knew full well that we were fixin to transfer and it was really worrying me that if there was a change, all would be lost. We were very resolved, as always, to be obedient. We read and prayed and we did everything in our power to invite the Spirit. There was no exact turning point but we powered on through this week. 
 I want y'all to know that Sister Probert and I had 6 investigators show up to church this week. wow. That is truly impressive in the San Antonio mission in the richest area in the mission that is stinkin cool. There have been a lot of nerves this past week due to the upcoming transfer. 
 We got called last night and I was informed that i would be leaving Barton Creek. We were also informed that my brand new trainee WAS GOING TO BE  TRAINING!!! aaahhhhhh what a neat thing for her. She is so cool. She really has worked hard and will do amazing things. She is a good missionary and I love how much President already sees her amazingness. I have to take a moment and be selfish because y'all know how terrible I am when I get moved. This one is hard. They all have been hard but I think this one is hard because I have thrown so much of everything into this area. We have taken this area to having nothing to having 6 member at church on Sunday with 2 amazing baptisms on the way. God is good. I was very nervous about a new missionary coming in and loving these people as much as we have done. I was very nervous about Larry because I truly love him so much. He is a rough guy and I know lots of people who would be quick to judge him. I know that a brand new missionary is perfect for this area. It just shows how much the Lord is mindful of the people in this area and of us. We are blessed. Truly. 
 President told me in my letter this last week that my next area was "made for me" well I hope it has unicorns and lots of couches because that is my area! haha I'm just kidding. I am doing better. I can't be ashamed because I worked hard in this area. I have given so much. I know I will get to see these people again because I love them too much to not see them. I love Texas with all my heart. I am trying every day to be better. I promise. I love y'all so much. I will keep y'all posted where I am going. I won't know till Thursday. That is when I leave here. Keep praying for all those in this area. I will surely miss them. Love y'all tons.
Hna. Sarah Cate Sorensen

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  1. um, my dear...i love that you said fixin, i love the south!!